Need help, new to KOF


hey everyone, I was needing some help here. Ive always liked watching KOF and now i finally decided to buy it. Im having a hard time finding characters that I enjoy using, I like to play rush down and for now Ive been using Yuri and Takuma, are those good characters to use and to learn the fundamentals of the game with? if so who should i use as anchor? thanks ^.^


Can’t go wrong with Shen Woo anchor, he is a very rushdown heavy character with many useful tools.


alrighty, cool, ill have to try him out when i get on. thanks!


I’d say default Kyo is the best fundamentals character.

Default Iori is the character I’d peg as the best rushdown anchor.


For a heavy rushdown team i would choose Yuri, Shen and Claw Iori, with any of them in any position (but i’m willing to say that Shen is the best Anchor in the entire game). However i feel that this characters aren’t that starting friendly, personally i would change Claw Iori for Kyo or maybe even Ryo (although he is a Shoto) for a very basic character, you could also get Ex Iori since he is a character that fits in any style and in any team.

Takuma is also a terrific choice but the lack of a proper anti air makes me go with the characters i mentioned before, at least while you are still learning the game.


If you’re looking to play rushdown, I’d suggest Yuri, Kyo and either Shen or Claw Iori.
Yuri has pretty good mixups, and can play well with or without meter, making her a good point choice.
I put Kyo second because he has awesome damage with meter/drive, but his HD combos are annoying to do.
Picking between Shen and Claw Iori on anchor is really up to you. Both have great options with meter, and they both have awesome HD combos. Something to consider is that Shen’s HD combos are easier, but Iori has better combo options if he hits with a low.
e.g. Claw Iori can do cr.B, cr.A, f+A xx whatever, making his low game a bit more threatening than Shen. Shen can still be a threat with his lows, but outside of cancelling into HD, he’s really only got cr.B, cr.A xx hcb,f+P and his cr.B, cr.C link.


alright, ill look try all this and find out what i work best with. thanks a lot for the help guys! i appreciate it :slight_smile: