Need Help on Button Layout

Ok I’m new here and I just wanted some opinions about button layouts for arcade sticks.

I’m about to order a Mas arcade stick and was wondering about the best button layout. I know that there are arcade sticks out there that either have a 6 button or 8 button.

Which do you all prefer? the 6 button or the 8 button layout?

What games are for the 8 button layout?

I just wanted peoples opinions before I bought my joystick


I think that the 8 button layout is only worth it if you play SNK games. Personally I’m a big SNK fan so I always use the top 4 buttons for SNK games. But that’s just me. I don’t think other games need an 8 button layout.

yeah that’s a good point about snk games

what other games are there for snk? samurai showdown, king of fighters and last blade anything else?

Fatal fury series…Garou also uses the classic 4 button row. Art of Fighting, and more I can’t really think of. But these are the more popular games.

Yeah I actually like and play all the snk games

But I was wondering does the 8 button layout affect you when you play street fighter games?

can’t you also have the fourth button be one of the lower buttons in the 6 button layout?

Uhm…I play SF on an untouched HRAP 3 (so I left all the buttons) and it doesn’t affect me AT ALL. For me it’s easy to ignore the fourth button. If you’re having problems with it you can always put in a hole plug.

Based on a 6-button layout, what spacing do you guys use on the buttons?

I’m going to use the sanwa 30mm obsf buttons, is 36mm from their centres the best measurement for all buttons?

There are several button spacing templates on slagcoin.

yeah i looked there and like this template “This is a precise diagram of the Sega layout used in Astro City, Blast City”

should i just follow what it says on that template?

i just want to know what the experienced arcade box makers use for their spacing =)

I used an 8 button layout so I could map all buttons from the controller. I won’t use all of them in games but it at least means I can press them if they’re needed for something.

I went with this layout as it was the most comfortable for me. My hand naturally falls in this position.


CodeThief did you use the exact measurements on that layout? like 31.25mm , 35mm and 36mm?

I couldn’t find any on slagcoin that I liked, so what I did was print one out and cut out the circles for the buttons and joystick. Then I got a piece of graph paper (doesn’t really matter, I just like graph paper) and arranged them how I thought I would like them. After I got that down, I taped down the circles and made a photocopy of how I had them taped down. Now I have a button layout that is entirely my own that fits my hand perfectly.

How I found my favorite layout is I took the Astro City layout… and I re-arranged it and used it on 2 sticks and tried them out… then re-arranged them until I finally got it to the exact way that I like it! I now use that layout on the cases I build.

aaaah ok reason why i wanted to know is i’m getting a local company doing my case, so i don’t have time to muck around with the button spacing on my own, that’s why i asked if people used the exact measurements on slagcoins templates, so i can just go yep this is the template and feel confident it’s the right spacing =)

I printed the template out and marked the center of the buttons so I guess technically yes I did :smile:

Ooops, looks like it wasn’t that one I used but the other one with the same layout!