Need help on buying a monitor for SFIV

Call me bias but I personally like my screen a samsung brand. I want to get a screen that is great for street fighter 4. I was told that mainly the screen needs to be 2ms and was curious does size play a roll also? I was planning on upgrading from my 22" samsung 2ms to a hdmi 24"

all you care about is ensuring there is no lag between the street fighter on your console and wat you see on the screen. this is the subject of input lag, and by and large the less you have, the worse your picture will be as your stopping your screen from applying its makeup (post processing prettying effects).

hehe, there is quite an extensive thread on the subject, . essentially you want a TN panel, with low input lag. this is not the same as response time, which is your stated 2ms, it is the time that is induced by your screen interpreting the signal, scaling, processing etc before you see it. testing methods for input lag vary and all have a varying degree of accuracey (these range from photographing the screen by a CRT with a cloned signal, to using rockband 2 inbuilt test). a generally cheap, high quality and proven (pinch of salt) low input lag monitor is the ASUS 236H (im pretty sure, the 24" is the 246H) used at evo sf tournament), which i am looking at now. its perfect (if you get one without dead pixels…but still, ive had no probs…)

as for samsung, if its TN itll likely be fast, if its IPS panel then it might lag. although unrelated, the samsung lcd tvs are known for having a lot of input lag. i wouldnt be snobbish with brand here…

and on he subject of response time…its how fast your pixels change colour so you obviously dont want it too high - 2ms or 5ms is fine

size…depends where you sit, if its for your pc 24" is perfect

They are? My Samsung LCD TV has 2 frames of lag and my Samsung TN Monitor has 1 frame of lag. No matter how you look at it pretty much all consumer brand HDTV’s/Monitors have some lag. The Asus evo monitors are probably as close to lag free as you’re gonna get and those roughly still have 1/2 frame of delay afaik.

Worse than lag is that samsung monitors cut off edges of screens, most of them do not have 1:1 pixel mapping.

I’m not sure about the smaller monitors but my samsung 32" HDTV has about 80 ~ 100 ms lag which is about 4 ~ 6 frame. Because of that, I bought a ASUS VW246H monitor (not the exact model evo uses but with 2ms and pretty much 0 ms input lag). I can totally feel the difference between my samsung 32" and the ASUS. My timing on 1-2 frame links are totally off when I first started with the ASUS since I was so use to the Samsung.

My advice is to get a ASUS monitor similar to Evo since that is pretty much the tournament standard. it would be pretty bad if you practice on a laggy monitor and total misses simple combos and links during tournaments on a lag free monitor.

im not sure about all models, yours sounds good for an lcd, but all the ones ive had experience with in the UK, we call them 7, 8 and 9 series i think??? they have some lag. Duckseason below prob had one of the ones like im thinking about. its definately the large tvs this applies to any how, im sure your TN monitor is fine

what type of samsung monitor you have? like I mentioned I’m shooting for a 24 inch but I see all tn monitors are 5ms?

response time has nothing to do with lag, do not base your monitor purchases based off that factor

what should be consider than? for a samsung?

Read the thread that AlzPatz posted.

Hey guys how about a 25.5

**Samsung P2570HD

is this a bad choice for sf4?

Check out this post for all the painful details of input lag. It’s a bit more up to date than the first post.

The bottom line is that it’s not easy to tell if a particular display has low input lag. Generally, TN panels do well on input lag tests, but there’s still some variability among them. Try to Google “input lag” and a display’s model number to see if anyone’s posted any test results on forums. Just don’t believe all the inevitable forum posts saying “I don’t feel any input lag at all!!” Many people won’t “feel” any input lag until the problem is obscenely bad.

I read a good bit about it but without having the monitors its hard to actually test whats good. I really want to buy a samsung 23 or 24inch instead of the ASUS EVO Monitor but it looks like its the best out there? I don’ see why that is true and why there isn’t a samsung monitor as good as the ASUS monitor.

Truth is, it might be. It also might not be. Without testing, we don’t know. On top of that, the amazon page you linked is missing a lot of important information about it. It doesn’t even have native resolution listed, which is pretty bloody important. I found a similar samsung on newegg that doesn’t even use a standard HD native res, which is not something you want for Street Fighter.

So, basically, you can choose between brand loyalty and maybe getting a laggy display, or getting one you know not to be laggy.


starcade you seem like you know what it is that I need to look for. If you could can you tell me what are the things that I need to know that will help reduce lag input?

I was also planning on this monitor

however I was wanting a 24 + but at this moment I just a samsung brand name!

Wow man, everyone here is telling you not to mess with Samsung yet you keep on posting stupid ass questions about Samsung. Just go buy any 24 inch Samsung and stop trolling here if you don’t want to take anyone’s advice.

yes my friend, thats sums it all! THE END.

Have anyone tested the
**ASUS VW266H Black 25.5" 2ms. Since samsung looks like to be an issue for SF4. **

I have the 266H and the 246H; the 266H has component inputs which is nice, but the picture speed and quality is NOT as good as the 246H. After playing on the 246H, I do not recommend it; the 246H and 21" Evo monitors are clearly superior. I do recommend the 246H whole-heartedly.

Link to the evo monitor toodles?