Need help on CDRWin Settings

I need some help on the CDRWin settings for MvC2.

When ever I try to make an .ISO file with it for marvel, it doesnt some out with the .ISO.


Build an ISO09660 / UDF file
Select Directory
Uncheck "Preserve Full Pathnames"
Save image File as “Customs MvC2”

and this is where is messes me up.

Its suppose to save as

Customs MvC2.ISO so that I can change it too .BIN for selfboot
but it only saves as Customs MvC2 so adding the .BIN after it has no effect on the file and when burning it, the game doesn’t work.

This is for DC by the way.

No one???

Are you making your own custom soundtrack? If not, it’s a lot easier to download an ISO elsewhere. The explanations of making an ISO (from way back in the day) involved hooking up the DC through the built in modem and dialing in through a PC modem somehow…it was a mess.

Assuming your original is on a CD or your drive reads GDs, why wouldn’t you just use Discjuggler?