Need Help On Countering Some Moves In KOF 2002/Beating Some Arrogant Loser Too

Hey all. I’m back in the forums for some advice. I used to come here for MVC2 advice, and all the advice given really worked and I transformed from a total newbie to someone who at least knows how to do the Magneto ROM infinite now. You all know your shit, so this is the only place I’d ask for serious arcading help. So here goes:

I used to be an avid KOF player, during 98 and 99. Haven’t touched it since 2000 came out. Then in my local arcade the other day, they had KOF 2002 PLUS. The one where one hit or being hit or doing a special move gives you an instant super bar… so that means the game is very fast paced and that also means you could get stuck in a huge number of inifites and confront the occasional CD-counter-turtler and Kula/K9999 super spammers. I thought the Max combo’s were neat… so I decided to give it a try.

I still have my old touch… but I’m completely new to the world of Max modes/weird cancelling and of course not forgetting HDSMs!

So first of all, how do I counter Choi’s HDSM? The one where he simply slashes randomly all over the screen, that I don’t seem to be able to avoid. I see some people doing anti-air, and others spamming crouching jab, but they seem to be able to counter it by luck… not by real knowledge. I was hoping some of you might help me with this.

Also, there’s this dude that always plays there… and he’s only decent… not a real pro. He knows how to do most of the combo’s in Max mode though. His poking is good too. And he’s fast. Other than that… he doesn’t have much variety… and that makes him a victim to any grappler’s mindgames. Now having a decent player beat me up all the time isn’t bad at all… in fact its good to help me improve, BUT…

Sportsmanship doesn’t exist in his dictionary at all. He humiliates anyone who isn’t as good as him by pressing the Start button constantly while he has a 2 character advantage. Get him with a combo and he shouts ‘OH HOW LUCKY… A LOSER GETTING A LUCKY COMBO’ for the whole arcade to hear. He shouts and whines about everything you do, that seems to be whipping his faggot ass, and thats a real arcade loser in my eyes. The real pro’s are usually humble, and they even teach me once in a while.

You don’t know how much I’m wanting to get back into KOF right now to just kick his candy ass whenever he inserts a token to play… but I don’t have a chance, since he’s more updated than me, and he’s very familiar with the concept of 2002. He challenges me everytime I’m playing and I don’t have a console at home to practice. When he plays me he always hits me till I have significantly lower life than him, then he just runs and rolls and taunts and does all the shitty arrogant bullshit he usually does. Worst of all, he doesn’t even try to hit me… but at the same time I can’t get any damage done to him.

I got lucky and won him three times today, wow! And he was taunting in each of the matches. He then chose Athena, Iori and Kim. Athena is a real bitch because she just fireballs and pokes and does that jumping super with no recovery time and I can’t touch her. Whenever I get near, she does that double turning ball super thing. His Kim and Iori aren’t bad. Its their poking that leads me into the huge combo’s. So I was wondering…

How do I overcome poking? What could I do that would be able to AT LEAST trade hits instead of me getting hit? My combo’s are all oldskool so if I had the same amount of opportunities that he had (which I sadly can’t get through) to get a combo, I’d still lose. I’ll post up more questions tomorrow when I fight him again and find out more of my mistakes. The help posted here would be really really appreciated. Thanks.

The key to people like that- take them out of their element. If I"m facing someone who I feel has superior combos but nothing else, I try to turn it into an ugly mindgame where comboes are as rare as possible. Try to anger him up also- tick throw him, do overheads repeatedly, stuff that gets in his skin. He’ll go psycho aggressive, then you can turtle-counter stuff.

  1. Who do you use?
  2. What’s your basic playing style?
  3. How much of the mechanics of this game do you know? (Ex/ in 2k2, activating max mode lets you cancel specials and normals to specials, but you do less damage)
  4. How long have you been playing 2k2?

Also I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of anything called KOF2002 PLUS where you get one meter insanely easily like that.

KOF2002 PLUS, I presume it’s the hacked version, right?

I presume its the hacked version. The Insert Coin(s) screen has this KOF 2002 PLUS writing blinking on it. I try to stick to 98-99 characters, since I’m more familiar with them. My team used to be Iori, Kim, and Kyo/Mary, but since Mary’s supers and combos are so weird now, and Kim’s too, my team changed to Iori/Clark/Vanessa (just learning). Thats the best I could make out of 2002. Grapplers aren’t really effective against him since he’s a real good poker, so I’m trying to stick to fast characters that I’m familiar with.

I have learned most of the game’s system… that it gives you cancelling ability in MAX mode, but reduces the time of MAX mode everytime you do that weird cancelling. All the other stuff like normal attacks can be cancelled into a roll too (works pretty good against CD-counter-turtlers).

My playing style… um… hard to define. I guess its just do whatever I see fit during that time. When I hit the enemy down, most of the time I run up to him like I’m going to follow up once he gets down from the ground… then I block, hoping that he’d do an anti-air or any move that I could get something out of. Also, I like to do running supers with Clark (hcb-run forward-hcb-A) and running grabs. Thats about it.

The amount of time I’ve been playing 2k2 is laughable… maybe 1 month+? I can beat button mashers with absolute ease, beginners (Kula/K9999 super spammers) by confusing them, and decent players if I really really concentrate and mix up my game. I can’t handle anything beyond that at the moment.

Also, still looking for a way to counter Choi’s HSDM. Thanks for the current replies, looking forward to new ones!

I’ve heard cornering yourself works against the DM. Reduces the block damage at least.

Oh man, where to start, well I guess 'till Big comes over, I’ll try my best here, hopefully some other people will give pointers.

  1. If you are JUST learning Vanessa, get away from her. She’s one of those expert chars that requires discipline and shit. Hell, I’ve been trying for a while, and yet there is still so much to get down. For Iori, he’s supposed to be rushing the hell out of the opponent, so keep that in mind. Clark’s jumping CD has incredible priority since it comes out fast and has a downward-like angle that can catch grounded people, yet its long enough to poke at the guy. You should be mixing that up with empty jumps into the HCF B, D. Clark is pretty good, especially when you can land a dash as a punisher, but make sure that it will land, otherwise you’re screwed. Get some tick throwing down if you can.

2.Don’t wanna sound mean or rude or anything, but that method of play for a wake-up is just horribly wrong. When the guy is on the ground, you have an incredible advantage. You only do what you do to bait out something like a wake-up super such as Chang’s. You should go for cross-ups like jumping b+B or jumping C for Iori since they have good cross-up potential. Just because the guy is a poker, even good pokers don’t become immune to shit. Choi requires a jumping cross-up C in the end to get at you. Although he has fast pokes, his range is no wheres near as annoying as Billy’s or Athena’s. Once you have gotten a better idea of how to apply wake-ups, a good ol’ CD while blocking will make you get the advantage when getting rushed. Small hops are great for Iori and Clark btw.

3.Well, I know that my post doesn’t really have a uniform path, but hey, im just popping things out whenever they come to mind. I dunno why you think that Mary’s and Kim’s supers and combos came out weird, but as far as Kim goes, he is A FUCKING BEAST!!! I should know, I play him a lot. If you got the space between you and the oppoonent, the qcf+B or D makes a great move to scare your opponent. If blocked, you still have a not too bad disadvantage. His combos have now been turned into something that just places pain with crazy cross-up capabilities. He is just sick, then again, its just me, ho ho ho, im starting to get arrogant. Still, Kim isn’t a poker. He is more of a comboer beaster. The only moves deemed worthy enough for poking would be his sweep and his air qcf B or D, that’s pretty much it. Anything else isn’t poke material. Same thing pretty much with Iori. If pokers are your real proble, I really don’t quite understand why you are giving up on Mary, since she’s got the reversals and she can still combo with good damage. Hell, her overhead f+A can cancel into a super.

  1. THe only real problem I can’t really help you on is Athena. If he is using him like how a person SHOULD be using herr equipped with rush-down, I can’t really give too much advice ‘cept to block, counter, rush. Since this is KOF2k2 PLUS with some weird BS meter thing, then why not use good ol’ Chang? The belly flop super with A is a great wake-up anti-air, and he is equipped with a slide that goes under projectiles. Still, that’s just what I think.Still, just don’t get intimidated by pokes, relax, get down your char specifics, and just play carefully. Still, that meter BS is stupid. Choi could definately spam lots of things, then again, so can many other people.

Does anyone out-shoto Athena in 2k2? I’m having problems vs her rushdown. Heard Kensou’s a decent counter character for her, but his FB is slower- his DP is a lot better for ground defense though- which would counter the FB poke C game…

I kinda lure him to do something after he gets up from the ground because Iori’s crossup (b+B) seems to be easily countered by just a crouching B, standing C or anti air. I always get hit everytime I try that. Well Kim is a GREAT character no doubt, but he changed ALOT since 99, so thats why I say he’s weird now. I always get infinited by him, since super recharges so easily (flip kick, qcf x2+B… or is it A? over and over). Mary has changed so much too, with her Rose Super as HDSM. Thats why I’m trying to avoid them because they seem more like new characters as opposed to 98-99 style of play.

Today I played again. He seems to be able to poke faster than me. Also, I played another person and he poked with either C’s or D’s and that hurt as hell… and got me most of the time. What a noob I am, lol. I need help with overcoming the poking game! Also, still can’t really avoid Choi’s HDSM. I learnt one thing though, that an anti-air works against Athena’s air super.

Well, you’re not being specific as to HOW he is poking, that is something that we NEED to know if we’re gonna help you in any way. Like I said, Choi requires to occaisionally jump with a possible cross-up C due to his limited range. Sure, he can poke fast, but distance matters a lot. Still, this game still sounds BS to me since there is that weird meter system. I could easily get an infinite with Vanessa then…

Haha yes I’ve got infinited by Vanessa before. The regulars realised how bullshit it is and they don’t do infinite’s/CD-counter too much but thats just the minority.

So anyway… his Kim/Iori pokes are run around, B, A, short jump away, B, A, run around or roll, B, A, etc. He mixes them up real good so I don’t know if he’s going to come or go… and when I finally decide to attack, I get snuffed by his pokes. Also, I find it hard to overcome characters who just turtles and waits for me then does a C or D when I come near if the character I’m using doesn’t have projectiles.

That’s when you bust out the old SF2 skillbook and out-poke him. SF2 skills do translate into KOF some.

Choi is one of my characters and whenever i do his Hsdm one of my freinds just sits back and does kyo’s projectile and it hits me every time. so try throwing a projectile.

^Zuh? You mean Kusanagi (the hidden Kyo) right?

ei mister stuart (^_^)

mister stuart i got a reply about that guy that was soooo… decent but still teases players that are not as strong as him… i can help you w/ that im not actually a pro but i love kof speacially 2k2 so about that if u dare challenge him, just tell me reply on this message w/ your official line up and ill tell you some moves that maybe you still dont know and might help you, and its even better if your line up are composed of fire or demon characters so please dont ignore my reply (T_T) ty and im just new here man ty again :slight_smile: hehehehehehe… :tup:****

To counter chois hsdm, Roll nonstop, you should roll through the move entirly. Try Billy, SPAMMMM d.A and f.A they out poke ALLLL!!!

There are several ways to get around Choi’s HSDM.

  • Use an anti-air special, like Kyo or Vanessa’s dp+P.
  • You can auto-guard with some people (Takuma’s qcb+P, Yashiro’s dp+p, etc…)
  • Jump at him with a jab or small kick.
  • Roll like mad.
  • Block in the corner.

These may sound risky, but since Choi’s body is still open during his hidden, more than likely you’ll hit him or just take the first hit.