Need help on dan match-ups!

i need help to find a way to beat blanka, bison, zangief, dhalsim, and t.hawk with dan"the man"Hibiki …:-/

any1 know any good strategies that can help me out?

We have two match-up threads already, one of them is stickied:

2nd is probably the better one.

I beat Blanka with excessive stupidity. Random uppercuts against his wakeup (as they beat electricity and non-EX Upballs, EX uppercuts beat EX Upballs), occasional mashed reversal uppercuts during his blockstrings, more throws once he wises up to the stupid uppercuts, and an eventual baited and punished Ultra once he’s convinced that I’m constantly attacking his wakeup so it’s the right move to do. It’s a rough matchup, hence the stupid play. I feel bad sometimes afterwards because I know I’m leaving a lot of Blanka players shaking their heads after I beat them and wondering “How did that guy get so many points playing like that?”. I didn’t, I just do it against Blanka. :wink:

Bison should be pretty easy for Dan. Rush him down, trap him in a corner, and don’t let him out. Use the Knee frametrap (cl.MP > Knee > cl.MP > Knee) to apply pressure, mix it up with throws and/or Koryukens (w/FADC Ultra if you’re feeling frisky), and use the Knee against his wakeup after a knockdown to dodge the EX Psycho Crusher/EX Headstomp that many Bisons use as reversals. Just be warned, using the Knee against Psycho Punisher will get you popped. If Bison is midscreen, throwing HK Dankus at him against his wakeup will protect you from a wakeup Punisher, but leave you vulnerable to EX PC.

Some videos that might help…


This is a match you’ll want to use mindgames in. Your jumping Knee will beat his Lariat, but Zangief’s pokes are quite good and he can cause a lot of grief with just them. Thankfully, most of the Zangiefs you’ll be fighting in all likelihood are just going to be trying to bullrush you and mash 360s. Outwit them! Jump and punish when you expect a 360, and throw them (yes, throw them) when you expect a Lariat/Green Hand. I make it my goal in every Zangief match I have to throw them more than they throw me, and I usually succeed at that. Any time I can actually get a Zangief to start teching throws, I consider it a moral victory. :wink:

Don’t use MK or HK Danku unless you’re 100% certain it’ll hit, because Zangief gets a free piledriver or Ultra on block. The Knee, however, is still safe as safe can be.

Get close to him. Using the Knee to alter your jump arc can mess up his anti-airs and pop him in the face. Once he’s knocked down, mix up throws against his wakeup and meaty Danku attacks (w/mixup afterwards of course). If he has Yoga Catastrophe charged, do an up-close Knee against his wakeup, which will usually prompt him to wake up with the Ultra. The Knee will hop over it safely and hit him. MK/HK Dankus will eat the Ultra, so be wary of them at that point. The Knee will also dodge Yoga Inferno.

If he’s keeping you out, try to see if he has a pattern to his limbs, and uppercut them if you can. Yoga Fire has a very slow recovery, so if he throws one when you’re close enough it’s possible to jump over and punish on reaction.

Play him like he’s Zangief, except you’ll always want to use the Knee against his wakeup. Only an EX Tomahawk will beat it. I don’t even think his Raging Slash Ultra will catch it properly, though I’ve never seen that to test.

This is one of the few matches I’ll use Shisso Buraiken in. Shisso Buraiken will punish a blocked Condor Dive. Haoh Gadoken can too, but it won’t punish one that hits you low enough, and when used against one that’s high it might drop Hawk out of the combo after only two hits even if the projectile has more left (similar to the mid-screen cl.MP > Knee > Haoh Gadoken vs. Cammy).

Video proof!


I do HK Danku a couple of times in that game and get away with it unpunished, but you shouldn’t do that for the same reasons as Zangief above.

thanks mao really appreicate it… ill check those videos out…

dude i never get to see your replay online,only other good dan player ive seen is that jap player

You’re my hero for this. WHY isn’t the second one stickied instead? I just posted something asking someone more qualified than me to update the first one…and there’s a more organized second one right IN MY FACE! Sorry, just had to vent my frustration there. Real stupid of me.