Need help on finisher

Hey everyone
I need help on finishing up mt genei jin combos.
In the videos I see, they can end it with something like a forward +HP into a down +mp, dragon kick. I’ve also seen vids where they end their combo with like 3 shoulders in a row, even after genei jin ends. I was wondering how to exactly do that. I looked in the genei jin thread. I know its there, I just dont understand how it works. Thanks for any help

You can’t do forward +HP into a down +mp, dragon kick, you would be too far. But you can do strong shoulder, into down +mp, dragon kick. Read the thread to know which chars you can do this.

About the shoulder, when you do shoulders x n when you are midscreen, you can finish with two shoulder out of genei jin, and a rush punch. I’m not sure if you can do 3, i’ve never tried. They are strong shoulders