Need help on how to balance RAM


Hi everyone!

Can anybody help me manually set my timings on bios because I get BSOD’s when I play games and I think my RAM is causing because they are a bit different.

Both are Xtreem Dark DDR2 1066 2GB
1 has CL: 6-6-6-18 (1.8v - 2.0v)
the other is CL: 5-5-5-15 (2.1v - 2.2v)

Thank You in advance.


Yeah, you probably shouldn’t be mis-matching RAM like that.


I’m with Kikimaru on this one. If they each fit the same basic parameters, you could run both at the lower speed, but the different voltages make it shaky. If you HAD to do it, I’d go with 2.0v and the slower timings 6-6-6-18, but I don’t know my hardware on a low enough level to say it’s acceptable.


you should just buy some new ram that all have the same specs



i guess going to get the matching ram instead.

thnx guys!