Need help on karathrows

Whats the best way to practice karathrows, specifically Makoto’s kara karakusa… I can do it with lk and use middle kick to chain but I seldomly do it, also can kara hard kick? Looking for some tips, got my thumbs hurting, lol btw playing on ps2:wonder:

You’re probably just timing it wrong, try doing it faster.

When you say on PS2 does that mean you’re using a pad? I hear Kara canceling is near impossible on pad.

Sometimes I can do it, consecutively, although it hurts my fingers and thumbs lol, Yeah using a PS 2 pad… But, can I kara kara they HK? Thanks mate, maybe my timing is off, 8 more hours and I’ll get it to work :smiley:

Makoto raises knee and moves forward and quickly does karakusa, is that correct? I did grabbed a slightly distant ryu with this…

Yeah that’s the one.

I’m pretty sure you can’t Kara her HK.

If you haven’t been playing long I suggest moving to stick before you get to used to pad, but that’s a whole different thread. I just think it’s crazy hard to kara cancel on pad.

First off you are handicapping yourself by trying to do this on pad. Keep that in mind.
To set up the range for the kara-karakusa, do forward+MP.

Next, to get an idea of how fast you have to do the kara, try standing LK -> LP Hayate.

Now try doing that when you’re not near the opponent, and it should be like the karakarakusa, except it’s a hayate, and it’s a HCB instead of a QCF.

Then do that same thing but instead of hayate, do karakusa…you’re going to have to do the motion about twice as fast as kara hayate.

I think kara-karakusa is easier to do then normal kara throws. For me, it seems that I can do it a bit slower than regular kara throws.

The only advice really is to make sure you press the lk first or whatever you’re trying to cancel, then do the throw/motion.

Oh, and I can kara cancel on pad pretty regularly; it just gets some getting used to. You’re basically just trying to mash like three buttons together at the same time lol.

It will be pretty tough to get most kara throws on pad, except Makoto’s is one of the easiest on pad.

You can kara her Fukiage with a HK, but you cant kara a throw by starting with HK. Kara cancelling the Fukiage is what allows you to do the 100% stun combo.

If you wanna practice the “normal” kara throws such as Ryu’s, than I would suggest only practicing them on a stick.

kara with a tsurugi?

how do u kara cancel a tsurugi?

I mean Fukiage haha, my bad. Ill edit that so theres no confusion.

Thanks for the replies, I’m nearly there lol, it took me a while to answer here coz gotta practice and get to win over my mates lol, I can trick them into catching the kara setup lol and some mix ups too, makotos kara is easy on a pad if you get the timing right heheh well so much for ps2 ugly d pad which has no links in diagonal way it only has a cross, got to put a cloth over it so it won’t hurt my thumb lmao :smiley: anyway thnks… gotta have a 2nd character tho, maybe gonna try dudley :smiley: cheers

kara kara is weird, you cancel it after the move is already out, rather than before like normal kara throws.

its easy once you get the hang of it though.