Need help on making a Custom Arcade stick for 360 and PS3


ok a couple of weeks ago i went to a tournament and i played a kid who had his Street Fighter Annerversary collection stick modded to work on 360 and PS3. Now the problem is that i’ve been looking for a while and i cant find anything on how to do that, cus i have the same arcade stick.

so can anybody help me find info on this? and how much do ya think it would cost me to do everything cus i dont even have the tools and watnot >_<


MC Cthulu and Imp by Toodles:


thanks… but ive been reading and it says that a MC Cthulu doesnt work for 360 =/ but i could use that for the PS3 part… but that one dude i saw had a USB cord that worked for PS3 and 360… and when he pressed a switch it would work according to wat system he is on. even though i think im asking for alot, he said that he found all the info on here… i just cant find it =/


That’s why Toodles created the Imp, which I mentioned before…

Look at this:

Read this:

I’m almost positive I’m not wrong.


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