Need help on Matchup experience with Yang vs Balrog



Greeting everyone.

I currently need matchup experience on the Yang - Balrog matchup.

Really appreciate if you guys can help.

Gamertag is PJS Iketakeda

  • standing jab to stop dive kicks works excellently in yun and yang matchups.
  • play defensive moreso than aggressive
  • bait out the anti-airs with safe jumps and punish accordingly
  • don’t panic and mash buttons when the dive kick comes in… block low and option select tick throw and wait for a moment to ex-dash through in the midst of the twins trying to hit confirm or simply dash back after the tech when you dont have meter
  • ex dash is your best friend in this fight against dive kick counters and the twins shenanigans
  • dash punch to chip and apply pressure but dont stick too close
  • TAP distance is relevant too as you can punish the twins’ Palm meter build with it at the right distance, chip/pressure build is significant as well

experience: 5kpp rog on super, 3.5k-4.5k rog on AE


hey pjs i was thinking about doing the same thing you were doing man. I need match experience as well. i saw your posting on the ken forum. if u want to play just add me: THE END tm. Im just starting out, I have a B ken. peace. I need more match experience agaisnt yun as well. and if any rogs wanna add me go ahead I need to experience too.