Need help on modding Hori Fight Stick for PS3

Hi, I’m at the very end of modding my Hori Fight Stick for PS3 with the Sanwa joysticks and push buttons. However, when i screw the bottom plate back on, I noticed that the joystick is scratching the bottom plate a little bit. I tried sanding off the bottom plate where the joystick scratches but that didn’t help much.

Is there anything else I can do? I’m so tempted to just drill a hole on the plate…

That is what you have to do. Just drill the hole and your good to go.

I think you can swap the hori shaft and actuator in.

Yeah you can do that to but what is the point of altering the JLF and makeing the shaft smaller. It will just feel weird too. but that is totally up to him.

Yes, I want to keep the JLF joystick intact if possible.

I sanded down the shaft of my JLF and the bottom plate as well. I’m still able to take the ball top off too.