Need help on my footies game


Hey what up community its me again. As the title says im looking for some help developing a better footies game. I think i got the basis of footies down but where im having problems is where and when i can use them. How can i practice on this? P. s if someone can link that footies 101 threat again that would help as well.


I’m not sure what thread you’re referring to, but has a great guide on footsies with plenty of video footage to help you get the idea.
As to where and when you can use footsies, I would say you can always play the footsies game to some extent. Get the fundamentals of your match ups and normals down and it’ll become clear what works where and against whom.


A good trick to learning your character’s footsie range (and zoning strategy in general) is the training mode stage: the lines are there for a reason, and that reason is to help you learn distances.


Go into training mode and record the dummy doing various normal moves and walking forward (easiest example down back mk, walk forward slightly forward, repeat with Ryu). Repeat different scenarios by doing different moves eg. A short quick attack followed by a longer range slow one etc etc. Now see which of your moves can punish what, and if you’re able to walk up between attacks and throw, or if a blocked attack leaves you at a good range for a cross-up. This should give you an idea of ranges and relative speed of different moves. The best way to practice footsies is against a human opponent though.


I always pick the training stage in two player. I figure after a year of that it will be ingrained in my mind.


My footsies need some work too(meaning I don’t really have any). Hit me up sometime on XBL if you want to practice.


Yeah, but what happens when you go to a tournament and you don’t play on that stage?


I’m relying on it less and less. The hope is it will become intuitive soon and the stage will be irrelevant.


One of the footsies 101 guides had a great suggestion on practicing your footsies. Basically, you set restrictions on how you can move in a match and see how well you do.

For example, for the next x rounds, you’re not allowed to jump, or you can only dash to move forward, or you can’t use reversal teleports on wakeup, or you have to block / tech on wakeup, or the majority of your damage must come from throws, or you can only use normals, etc

Putting these restrictions on yourself will help give you a better understanding of what you are and are not capable of and help you realize what you need work on in your footsies.


That is a good suggestion. Something I posted in another thread:

This is a general thing I do with a new character, after I get somewhat familiar with them I will start playing in a very limited fashion. Say for 3 days or so nothing but normals, then playing for a few days without ever attacking, then always being the aggressor, a few days of continuous dashing, etc. You will most likely get slaughtered but you will hopefully learn when these tactics fail and when they work. If you can then successfully bring them all together the mind game aspect of your over all game will go through the roof. Being able to switch play styles from round to round is great, doing it 3 times in one match is amazing.


thanks for all the responses i’m going to study the link and try to implement them in my game. Also no jumping for me anymore for atleast a few days.