Need Help on PhotoShop

How do you guys change the image size?
When i type in the width then height will change.
And when i type the height, width will auto change too.

Therefore i can’t have the exact size i want.

  1. ctrl+t
  2. click and drag one of the boxed corners down while holding the shift key, that way it will change the shape “equally”.

thx dude

is there anyway that i can just type in the number and automatically change size?
It’s like i want to make a av for SRK.
the size is 160 x 60 pixels right?
but whenever i type in 160, the other part can’t be 60.
vice versa.

What is it you are trying to resize? If its a pic, its not a very good idea to just change the size to 160x64. It would look awful. Attach it.

So what do you guys do if you want to make an av.
and wanting the size to be like that?
what program do you use it to resize it?
also, if i really want to do that.
how do you do it in photoshop?