Need help on Sanwa Buttons


I have a HRAP and want to put some sanwa buttons in it but i saw there are a lot and don’t know which model i should buy, any help would be appretiated :lovin:


any of the ones that are 30mm. Snap-in all the way.


If it’s an HRAP1, then you can really just put in any Sanwa button. Both snap and screw-ins work. Just know that the OBSF/OBSN 24’s are start/select buttons.


thanks, yes its HRAP1 the one without the mirror top, and so i basically unscrew the base, and change them right im such a noob at this :sweat:


It should be more or less the same as modding a HRAP2.

Here’s the thread on modding an HRAP2.


tyvm i got it