Need help on the injustice fight stick mod

i same a few post about the mod but i am just wondering how can i put a rj-45 input also is their any more pictures of the stick modded so i can get some idea’s for this project for sgc!


Pics and work log


you mean i have to drill it out where the micro usb is at? also the version i got is a 360

Drill where ever you want your RJ45 connector to be at.
I suggest a Neutrik RJ45 pass though, drill a 24mm hole for the main body and 2 smaller holes to screw the device into place.

well, time to do some work on this stick. i post up the results

i seen the ps4 board set up but do i have to soldier jumper wires on the explore board or do it like this because i was alil confuse on the home board mod.