Need help on trial 24

anyone got any tips on how to do this? I only need this trial and one other to complete 100%. Seems so hard to link all 4, and even to link the after the knee drop. Tried it with turbo and got nothing…


you actually have to time it… turbo won’t help since it’s all 1 frame links…lol also, if this helps, it’s the same timing as vegas crlp links also, if you plink it, it will make it easier.

i did it… after 1000 times. funny how as soon as u ask for help u succeed!

thats what i’m here for lol

just don’t mash, input the kicks one at a time right when the animation of the preceding one ends.

pretty easy, actually

I think calling it “pretty easy” might be an overstatment, but you can get it with practice. Don’t mash and throw the jumping knee out as late as you can.