Need Help on Zangief Matchup, XBL Zangiefs respond

Hey everyone,

I’ll just get it out of the way and say that yes, I am a sagat main that needs help with the matchup. Before you guys get out your pitchforks and torches I just want to say that if youre willing to practice this matchup with me, I’m sure that it would be beneficial in helping you guys figure out the matchup as well. Not only that, but I’m sure you’ll be able to beat me pretty handily as I start to figure things out.

XBL: averageHB
PP: 2700s
BP: 6200s

Send me an invite on XBL if you’re down to play. My job doesn’t start for another month or two so I’m on pretty much all day.

As gat, I struggle vs a solid patient Gief too. LOL. Well new to him so no biggie.

-There is a gap in my TS zoning and kara TU’s are not in muscle memory yet. Karas are the key!!
-TK spacing in block strings are extremely risky because even the safest TK can be negative enough for a spd ESPECIALLY if Gief is standing.
-The random up close’s will get you swept and constant retreating puts you in the corner. At some point have to dash up and throw to reset the screen.
-I also fail at auto-correct dp timing vs splash. I dont think gats dp should ever be safejumpable by Gief splash.
-I also misjudge exgh’s range when tossing FBs. I felt like as Gief vs good gats I’d always just whiff exgh by a hair. Also I have to remember with no meter in the corner, he is pretty safe to TS spam.
-Lastly with Giefs U2 late in a match it can make the AA game really nauseating. Have to maybe play around with mp

I ASS-ume some of my struggles maybe yours in the MU as well. Lookout for them.

Sagat’s tear me up pretty good, especially since AE has dropped. I could use the Sagat practice, I’ll hit you up.

XBL: Hoblino

I was an “A” ranked Geif in Super Street Fighter. I just picked up a fresh copy of AE. I haven’t played for almost a year though. I got my first two matches in today and I’d love to knock the rust off. I go by “Forgetfulness” on XBL. Just look me up and let me know you’re from Shoryuken.


I’ll be sending you a message sometime tomorrow. I main Rufus and I could use help with this matchup.

If anyone else wants to help out with this predicament It’d be greatly appreciated. My gamer is in my signature.


I deleted my messages by accident. Go ahead and send it again. I will accept your friend invite tomorrow morning.

Gotcha :slight_smile:

Oh shoot, sorry I havent checked SRK in awhile I’ll try and add you tomorrow.