Need Help Pickin A Main


Thinking of trying to learn some new characters, type of play-style doesn’t matter, but i have trying to learn some characters with some decent execution that I can learn, but pad life is hard.
Rate these 1-10 from easiest to hardest in execution.


“Thinking of trying to learn some new characters”

It’s not complicated. A select group of people have literally spent decades playing Street Fighter and there are hundreds of videos and post everywhere. I’ll just try to summarize them. Out of these, ease of use I would say:



Fei has absolutely no execution requirements apart from obvious low level stuff.
With Fei you only need to know a few really easy combos to get started:

Cr.Lp xx Rekkas - for fast/far reaching punishes.
St.Hp xx Rekkas - for big punishes.
Cr.Lk, St.Lp, Cr.Lp xx Rekkas - easy confirm off a low.

The nice thing about Fei is he does not require any canned setups to be effective, and you can play purely on the ground.
Since there’s so little training mode time needed, you can get right into playing the game and actually getting better.
He also looks super rad and says cool stuff in asianese when he hits you.

Play Fei


Buy a fightstick. Takes a few sticks of getting used to but I enjoy playing SF4 way way more now.


Fei requires pretty good understanding of footsies to play effectively and can be hard for new players for that reason.
Out of the characters in OP, I’d recommend Akuma.


Definitely Akuma. I think having a fireball and a solid DP is good for a beginner. I’ve been playing since May and I still think Rekka’s are hard.


And Akuma, who has way less health and finicky, situational buttons is somehow easier?


Having a fireball, air fireball and teleport helps a great deal when starting SF4 imo


It’ll help you not learn how to play the game properly. Air fireballs and teleports really encourage a lot of bad habits in new players. I cringe whenever new players want to start with Akuma because more often than not they’ll flail about throwing these things out, and sure, they might live a little longer but really it’ll delay them learning fundamentals.

I really think it’s unfortunate that so many new players are drawn to the “evil badass” persona characters because they are not quite gimmicky, but really don’t foster learning or understanding the game at a core level.


You’re on a pad and not even considering a grappler as an intermediate main?
Go 'gief! Decent execution, loads to learn with tough links and EX cancels etc, great fun to play and 360 motions just feel right on a pad…nunnathat butter churning haha


Instead of making an entirely new topic, I’ll use this one to ask a very similar inquiry. I’m basically looking for a character to “learn the game with” to speak. If possible, I’d like to know how difficult the following are to learn/win with and any recommendations on who I should choose. I like them all equally:

Sakura, Yang, Cammy, Yun, and Poison.


Poison easy to learn, very forgiving gameplan,
KOF13 Kensou syndrom, does everything well, easily, very solid to pick up the game and gain confidence.
just lacks a really good reversal that’ll encourage you to be cautious. Learn her anti airs and you can take on the world.

The next characters are all really combo/perfect execution dependent.
Yun best character to go from average to "~good"
Maybe not the best choice for a beginner but one of the steadiest learning curve once you passed across the first walls of offense and perfect execution (which are already quite advanced)

Yang, Yun harder.

Cammy between Yun and Yang, different style

Sakura, meh dunno, might be easy to pick but the learning of the combos and how to place them can be very steep.


I don’t really main a character myself in fact I swapped around with the new characters a lot when they just released except Hugo, don’t like slow characters.

Your not going to make a good Sakura unless you know how to jump over projectiles. I know it sounds simple but to a lot of people it’s a very difficult concept that takes years to comprehend.

Your not going to make a good Cammy unless you know how to focus attack, Decapre is easier to use if you don’t mind charging constantly. I do find Decapre vs Decapre matches very boring though, other idiot basically only tries to do chip damage with those running punch mashing.

Yun/Yang are not necessarily better just a lot easier for less experienced players.


Or go with whatever you like, I just feel Ryu is a very good starting point for everybody.


As long as he’s angry :wink:


When getting warmed up I usually use Akuma, but the best thing to do is give everyone a shot imo.