Need help picking a TE stick

ssfiv TE S black, chunli te s, or should I wait to see if something new gets released I don’t care for new mcv3 stick since it features old parts inside and out. Im buying for 360, i like the design of the chun li te with old style bezel and slim box but feel like the colors dont go well especially with the 360 buttons so I’m leaning with black te s but heard that the plexi is sharp. Any suggestions and also is it easy to change buttons on black te s.

Get this one:

Luxury game controller is hand assembled in Paris, overkill everywhere else – Engadget

any of them are fine, honestly.

if you dont like the colors of one of them, mod it. it takes 3 seconds

I have a ssf4 TE S black for the ps3, and it is a great stick. Some people say that they have trouble with the sharp edges, but I personally find it not to be an issue. The black theme with Ryu on it looks pretty sweet if you ask me, and you can’t go wrong with a black color. The internal guts for all of them are the same, but I hear that the electronics in the TE Round 1 are more likely to fail, so try getting the ones after that I suppose.

get the cheapest TE you can find

they’re all good

I have 2 of the OG TEs and they have yet to fail, don’t listen to the trolls.

Markman has yet to unveil the newest TE that Madcatz will release. Maybe wait until it’s out in the open to see if it will blow our minds.

all of them are a good choice. If you didn’t like the color(s) of any particular part, you could always change them.

its safe to say any TE stick is fairly good


you can find one cheap on these forums…

I’d say go with the 360 one, since it’s tested and true you can mod it to work on PS3s. I’ve yet to hear about vice versa.

I’d go with the black TE S. The plexi doesn’t bother me at all. Black is easier to mod with. The chun li blue can be modded but your kinda stuck with that blue if you want it to keep it’s transparency. I could image turning it into an awesome CAPCOM based stick since the logo is blue and yellow. Or a Mega Man, Seth or any other blue type characters. Or even a BLAZBLUE theme.


I’d still go with black if it was my first stick.

I went with the black TE S it should be arriving hopefully friday but its looking more like monday since im in nyc and it shipped from cali. Thanx for all the feedback the biggest factor for me getting the black te s was I heard it had a new updated pcb that was more likely not to fail( I know chunli has new pcb too but I was looking at all te sticks) and also i just like the black art more. Just hope plexi doesn’t bother me I dont play on a table i have a leather office chair that reclines slightly so it seems like I would be leaning my wrist on the bottom edge.

My suggestion would be the Mad Catz Tournament Round 2 sticks. Then go to like Tek-innovations and Lizardlick if you want a Chun-li or custom theme. Saves a lot of money and isn’t too hard to pull off.

i tried them all, te round 2 and s… they all felt the same… find the cheapest one u can find and it’ll do