Need Help Picking parts


Hey, I’m Building an arcade machine for a school project and I wanted to know what parts are compatible with each other I know what Buttons I want. But I don’t know if they are compatible with the controller I picked and I just want to Know what Controller to get and if it’s compatible with a coin door too.

Heres whats in my shopping cart


From that list, everything should work with each other fine.

The buttons And joystick are just sets of switches and it does not matter what is chosen.

As for the PCB encoder, as long as it works with what ever console or computer you are hooking that up too, you would be fine.
If you want to save on money, you dont need inserts or buttons that light up.
Non-illiuminated buttons work just as well


Oh Thanks, Just wanted to make sure and yeah i removed the inserts.


If you have some panel art, you can put your button labels on that


Yeah Thanks, I think I’m going to do that. IS this all Coin Door compatible too