Need Help Playing Paul Pheonix (Anti Air)

I’ve got quite a few combos with paul but I never ever use the shredder for AA because i find it so unreliable, what other AA can I use?

cr.HP… but it is not always usable.
st.MP works more often for me but still not everytime :frowning:

Paul has no reliable AA…

c.hp cancled into mp morta.
otherwise and (against some).
your best anti air is jump lk tho.

cr.Fierce: You must input the move the moment you see them jump at you due to the slow start-up frames (is like 6 or 8), preferably when they are jumping a bit more directly over your head.
cr.Strong: The normal works when they are not so much above you, but more jumping towards you. Standing strong behaves similarly. I would be careful on which one to use on jumping attacks that lower the hitbox (Cody, Sakura, Yoshi, etc).
St.Forward: Think of it as a weaker version of Guile’s standing forward. Good for hitting neutral jumping and jumping from a far range.
Standing close fierce: Sometimes they move cleanly beats out cross ups, and slow safe jumps.

Ex slasher: Never use the non-ex versions they are ass. Do not rely on the auto correction of this move because it is terrible. It has some uses in a similar way as cr.fierce, in the sense it only hits on jumps near your head. I think of it like Sean’s dp in 3S. Oh, and never wake-up with this.

I’m basing this off the pre-patch, i still haven’t got internet at my new place so i haven’t had a chance to download the dlc characters or update the game.