Need help please have a look


i have had a SE fightstick for a while so i thought i might aswell just use it lol i started using it and after about a week or so up would not detect? i can move forwards, down and back but not up? i thought it might be the stick so i ordered sanwa parts thought i might aswell get buttons aswell and after putting everything together i find i still have the same problem? can move forward, down and back but not up/jump. can anyone help me and tell me whats wrong im sure im not the only person with this problem


Let me guess, it’s the 360 version? Now don’t take my word for it I’m extremely new around here but the PCBs on Madcatz 360 sticks seems to have an uncanny tendency to die all the time. However you should probably hold out for someone more knowledgeable to enter the thread before you draw any conclusions.


Try cleaning your connector of any gunk. Also make sure it’s securely plugged in on both the PCB and your Sanwa stick.


I would also suggest what Nerrage said and make sure the connector to the joystick is clean and fully connected on both ends.
I would use rubbing alcohol to clean the connector on, the cable, the joystick connector and the connector on the PCB.

To Nerrage, I agree keyboards need a ? (quesclamation mark or Interbang) key
Why don’t keyboards come with a Quesclmation mark ?