Need Help: Powering a supergun Arcade Machine


edit:ugh, there’s supposed to be a slash between supergun and arcade machine in the title =( is there a way to edit that?

I thought I had a pretty good handle on this until my Switching power supply arrived in the mail today…

So, about a year ago I bought this supergun.

I recommended this in the past but wouldn’t anymore. I’ve been using it to power a SSF2X board and basically I’ve had to do repairs every month…

I kept repairing it and bringing it to casuals until april. When I couldn’t get the game to boot up at all. (still powering up, no video, no audio.

At this point I basically decided to build a supergun from scratch, since I know enough about how it works and what’s involved from doing so many repairs. (crummy wires, even the video converter blew out, and I had to replace it). After I had finished, I had made no progress to getting the board to work.

In a last ditch effort hoping that I didn’t fry my ST board I decided to get a new power supply…

The supergun came with an ATX power supply, and me, not knowing any better, was using that to power the board and even replaced it with another ATX power supply rather than an arcade power supply.

(as far as I can tell, the supergun had no fuse which is why i’m worried I killed my CPS2 board)

So I ordered a switching power supply (no particular reason why I chose this one, since I was browsing around and they all looked the same except for price)

It arrived today, and everything looks straight forward except. There’s two terminals for AC, and it didn’t come with a cable or anything…

appears i’m missing a block. (after googling, I assume it’s a power distribution block? I have no idea what that is, from the name I assume it’s a block which distributes power =p but I don’t know what’s involved in that… sounds to me it would just be an AC plug with wires coming out with it or something)

How do I plug in this switching power supply to my wall outlet? what do i need? Anything you would suggest? since it appears that all the problems i’ve had with this supergun setup has always been related to power.

TL;DR: I have an ATX power supply which I don’t want to use anymore and want go to a switching power supply. How do I do this/plug it into the wall? any other recommendations/help would be nice too.


The two AC taps get wired into the wall. You can cut up a power cord and wire it to them. I got a cord with spade terminals when I bought a similar power supply.

Regarding the ST board: The A board should have internal fuses, and protect the B board.


Oh. ok. the two AC terminals on my power supply are labeled identically “AC” (well, three if you include FG, but i’m not) does it matter which way I wire the AC terminals up?

and that’s a relief to hear about the fuses in the A-boards. Got lots of those lying around…




Well, if you wire lines from the wall to each other, they’ll blow your fuse/breaker, but the connectors should be effectively interchangeable.


Do you have any other board at all? Maybe your ST board is bad. It’s sort of a common factor here…