Need help pressuring dive kick

Usually my brother plays Necro, so when he’s getting up I usually stand close to him thinking I’ll grab but then I hurricane kick and it usually works. But a lot of people say use demon flip/dive kick to pressure but whenever I get ambitious and use it I get hit by Necros air punch twice and then fall =(. Others say use Standing Roundhouse and then demon flip but that seems to me as I’ll be open. Any ways to pressure will still being in the safe zone?

And another thing, is C.MK - LK hurrican kick - HP Shoryuken akumas best combo or am I missing out?

Hp - Lk hurr kick - hp shoryuken - super good, but the super should be left off, but it’s a cool way to finish some one off. :slight_smile: On wake up if you do that to much ur bro should star filling ur ass with electricity.

The dive kick is a great pressure tactic, doing it from hk works, but never ever fall into patterns. Good comp will kill u if u do. Esp, akuma, the most whore-ish damage taker ever. he has so many options, use them all. U can rush anybody with him when played smart. He gives big damage but takes big damage. Ur execution has to be there for him to give it though. don’t get punished, make them make the mistake for u.

Well er, I’m not really a newb to Gouki I know him pretty well, but I already got my question answered so thanks anyway.

But what pisses is me off is when I pressure MK dive kick and he does SA1 on wakeup and you know how akuma takes damage :sad: . Other then that usually i push him into the corner then on wake up either a dive kick and he parries but im still able to grab or a HK tatsumaki, or grab, step back, step forward, grab. But yes it’s all about mix up, but damn necros SA1 :sad:

dont divekick on the opponent’s wakeup. Oh and if your bro is hitting you out of the divekick, that simply means you are being predictable with the divekicks and are not fast enough with it (initializing the kick). That will take practice but you will get it. Necro vs akuma is a pretty bad matchup for akuma for a start, but its not the end of the world.
As for the combo, there are many other options… thats the one I use the most. Problem is, i look for it too much. if the oponent blocks the and hurricane then im screwed. A good option is to do, roundhouse hurricane. Mess with the resets as well, but do that later on. Get the simple stuff down first and learn to be safe. Very important for akuma.

Always good to get feedback…

and yes safety first :clap: , also I know taunting will raise whatever the first hit that akuma inflicts on the oppenet, but will it raise his defense?

EDIT: Another problem facing Necro in corner is his Air RH drill kick on wake up, I try and throw a shoryuken…fail, get up again and try to dp + 2P teleport…wam before I can do anything back on the ground…Ok parry wtf. Necros RH kick crosses over for like 1 hit then it crosses back to the normal side so even after parry training I still don’t get which way to parry.

Don’t worry, I consider myself decent at this game and I usually fuck up parrying that shit. I don’t THINK it really crosses over, just looks that way, 'cause I always block it the same way. goes into training

Yeah I really suck at parrying it. >_>, lk hurricane kick, hp dp may not do as much damage as starting it off with s.hp but it’s usually a safe option to retaliate from afar and it hits low.

If you’re getting rocked by air punches that would mean that you’re abusing the dive kick too much and becoming predictable. You’d wanna use it sparingly or for traveling.

If you wanna pressure with demon flip dives you should mix it up with demon flip sweeps. Once people understand that you have that (blocking it) then you can start going for the standard dives.

To pressure with akuma is understanding how much space you can control. Rather than trying to be aggressive with dive kicks and other similar air attacks you should be using his normals more such as, dash up, and chains. is his big pressure tool. You can combo into super off two of em, set up karathrows (like from max distance and then immediately into karathrow). If they end up ducking after attempted karathrows then go for UOH.