Need help pricing SBO DVDS and Misc Items

I need to get some serious cash for this stuff but I’m not sure how much to price it at. I want to sell it all to one person. All new stuff.

Pictures of actual items.

Once I get an idea I’ll move it to the trade section of SRK.

ALL the stuff on that page!

You have my attention.

They retail for about $60 or so, but are region-locked. I’d probably start at $10-20 or so and then delete this thread from the horribly wrong forum it’s in. What if everybody did what you just did? =\

Trade section doesn’t allow items to be posted without a price that’s why I posted them here first asking for price help.

:confused: There’s a lot of stuff there. Try a search engine. I found results with prices on everything I saw on your list… (and the SBO07 DVDs are only $45 new).

Most of the stuff is out of print so I wanted to see if anyone knew anything about rarity/demand.

Google prices are usually outdated. Didn’t see any matches on ebay.

Oh, nobody but Snow really wants any of that, since most of that you can still get new in package. I wouldn’t charge over $3 for any of it.