Need help programming a Teensy board

I have a custom arcade stick built and basically ready to go with the notable exception of the circuit board. I have a Teensy 2.0 that I would like to use as the PCB, but most guides suggest using a USB Keyboard library to interface the board with a PC, but I want the stick to be universal so that it works on PS3, PC, PS4, and XBone (not sure if the next gen consoles are as picky as the xbox 360 was though.) Is there a way to do this? If so, how?

Well I can tell you now no one has yet to figure out the PS4 and Xbox One programming.
Best anyone can do for the PS4 is 8 minuets before the controller times out.

I don’t know the Teensy would even work with the PS3, there alot of security patches that blocks/try to block jail breaking and the Teensy was the device of choice.

Your better off doing a Dual Mod of the Xbox and PlaySation versions of the Mortal Kombat controllers.

This kind of shit is why I stopped console gaming lol, they do everything they can to be a pain in the ass. I assumed most sticks that worked on PC would work on bone and ps4 no problem, but either way it’s not a big deal I don’t have either of them. My point when I say I want it to be universal is that I don’t want it to be PC specific, as in emulating keyboards. Even if I never use it on a console I want the opportunity to be there.

You always will have the opportunity to reprogram it at a later time but no one has released a library for arduino devices to emulate the controllers. Best things out there are proprietary like the PS360 and the Cthulhu and those are only compatible with last gen.

For PC/PS3 you can just search for Teensy joystick demo or something and basically create one that works as a standard HID controller to hook up to.

That’ll net you PC/PS3 and PS4 through lab zero drivers, but nothing else. 360 and XB1 use security to lock out 3rd party, and the PS4 does as well for native controllers.

For PS4 and 360, you’re going to have to dual mod with some padhacks.

Oh ffs BOTH next gen consoles are using that bullshit that the Xbox 360 used? Jesus christ…

Well Yes and no.
For all the security the XB 360 has the XB1 is worst. The Mad Catz and Hori sticks do not even work with every game like they used to on the 360. No more attempting to play Halo with a Guitar Hero controller.
Shit is on military grade lock-down.
And Sony learned some lessons with the PS3, they got some weird hard to get around security lock out for PS4 controllers that involve Bluetooth, even with the wired controllers.
Blame everyone who wants to make unauthorized PlayStation 3 accessories, Sony isn’t making it that easy ever again. If anything the greater Modding/DIY community got lucky with the PS3.

Sony being dickheads to their consumers is not their consumers fault, never has been, never will be, it’s the same shit as the PC piracy argument that comes up whenever Ubisoft releases a single player game with always online DRM.

God though that is extremely annoying being a stick builder. I’m planning on selling my stick to a friend with a PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Not sure which consoles I should attempt to get working. I’ll probably just do the good old fashioned PS3/360 padhack.

I said nothing of it being the consumers fault.
Blame the greymarket

Sony being dickheads to their consumers is not the consumer’s grey market’s fault, never has been, never will be, it’s the same shit as the PC piracy argument that comes up whenever Ubisoft releases a single player game with always online DRM.

look with every pass console generation with the exception of PS1 to PS2 you always had to buy ALL new controllers and new accessories.
Every single time.

I sorry to say it but consumers like yourself are being selfish. Sony owes you nothing, you wanted a PS controller during the PS3 Era and got one. They never promise forwards compatibility ever.
You bough or cobble together a controller for the PS3/PC and now your told you have to buy a new controller for the PS4, just like everyone else.
Big -fucking-whoop, get in line like everyone else or shut up about it and move on. There nothing new you got to say which I haven’t heard a thousand times now.

But aren’t fighting game developers considering making their games backwards compatible with last-gen sticks anyway?

Partially so.

That only with the PS4 and devbelopers can’t support every controller ether, specifically the Sony Six Axis and Dual Shock 3 has to be excluded.
Top of that Sony stated they not help with any of the driver coding, it be on the developer to come up with the drivers on their own.
Zero Labs with help from the modding community came up with a PS3 USB driver. And Netherrealm games got license to use the same drivers.
Apparently Street Fighter 5 also have drivers but I am not sure if its the same Zero lab drivers or not.
There will be Developers/publishers who refuse to use the Zero lab drivers and will not put the money towards developing a driver.

The Driver only allows PS3 controllers to work from within the specified game, you can’t use the driver to run the consoles system menus.

As for the Xbox One, no dice. Yes specially Xbox One consoles can support Xbox 360 controllers only on the Developer/Debugging versions of the console.
XB1 Sticks have to be especially programmed into each game to even work on the Xbox One. Example the Xbox One version of Dead or Alive can’t support sticks at all.
And Sticks will not work on non-fighting titles, unless someone pad hacks a MS brand Xbox One game pad.

Asking for universal controller support isn’t selfish. The only reason the consoles don’t support third party controllers is flat out greed, they want to force you to buy either their first-party controllers, or specific third-party controllers which Sony gets paid a big licensing fee for. It has nothing to do with backwards/forwards compatibility, it’s just compatibility in general. They are fucking over everyone except themselves and their close third-parties just because they want to make more money.

@Darksakul Doa on xbone used to have the issue with using sticks. Thats since been resolved, or at least it has been for the TE2 i use. Just a heads up.

So now Sony is evil as they “Make you buy new stuff”?
Every company out to make money that isn’t a conspiracy, its called business.
It isn’t greed, its called not being stupid. Why would a company with a brand new game console wants people to use the same ten year old controllers.
This isn’t the PC market, consoles are a package deal. New accessories and controllers are part of the package.

If you want a universal arcade stick, we can work around technical limitations, game pads are much harder.
Its something we call Dual-modding and it is less involved than coding a tennsy