Need help pulling a combo off on moving opponents



For the past couple of weeks I have gotten back into SSF 4 and really want to get better at it. I’ve been reading forum and guides and watching videos. As well I have been in the training room practicing my combos. The one combo: DP - FADC - Ultra 1 I have gotten more consistent at.

There is one problem. I can’t seem to pull this combo off against an opponent. It seems when I get off a clean DP on an opponent I forget to FADC or I’m just a little late with it.

Any advice and help is greatly appreciated. I play on PS3 and my main account is: solidgoomba. My alt account is: Doctor Chaotix.

basically play arcade mode at least once a day


Thanks. That is very helpful


After practicing a combo on a standing dummy, set the dummy to cpu so that it moves and you can focus on hitting your combo instead of winning/losing…