Need help putting back Hori FS3 joystick

I searched but was not able to find anything.

So I have been buying custom parts to mod my FS3 and although the items won’t arrive for another few weeks I got too anxious and took apart my fightstick 3 to take a look at how I would go about modding it.

Now I have a huge problem, I don’t know how to put the joystick back together!

I have those 4 parts listed in the above link but I’m not sure which order it goes back into the compartment nor do I know which part goes on top of the joystick or under =(

Can someone please advise? Thank you so much for your help.

The two pivot pieces go on first, then the spring, then the actuator goes on the end. There should also be an e-clip after the actuator to hold everything in place, don’t know why it isn’t pictured.

…I don’t know how you managed to take your stick apart without getting stick lube on your hands and thinking “ugh, this is gross, I’m definitely going to remember that this lubed part goes here”

The 2 pivot pieces which one goes where … does one go on top of the controller and slide down and the other in the inside? and in which direction should they face?

And the reason I didn’t notice which part goes where was because when I took apart the e-clip, everything flew out and I didn’t have any time to see what went where =(

There we go, that should make things easier. Just ignore the dust washer/mounting plate/microswitch/restrictor gate