Need help! Quanba q4 replacement cord


Hello I have a quanba q4 and my cord has been not working properly :frowning: i think it needs to be replaced. it’s a usb cord with a male 5 prong connector that goes inside the stick. I can’t seem to find where to buy one anywhere if someone could please link me a place to buy one i would love it.


since it’s a USB cable, any generic USB cable will work. the problem would be connecting it to the PCB. i don’t know how the q4 cable is originally connected there, you might have to do some soldering


It does require soldering so connect a new USB cable to a q4.


When I opened it up it was just a 5 prong male end just plugged in to the pcb. Is there a cord u can find with that end already on it?


Probably not, unless you get another replacement from Qanba.

Also, your thread subject really should be more descriptive.
Like “Need help with Qanba Q4 USB cable” maybe?
As it stands, it could mean ANYTHING.


Today is your lucky day.

I have a q4 with one of these cables extra because I changed the pcb and went with a rj45 setup so I don’t need it.

It’s easy to make your own though


You can also just unplug the male connector, cut it off with at least 1 or 2 inches of wires left, and then just solder that onto a new USB cable.

I just picked up a USB cable at monoprice for like…$3. Works great.


that’s the beauty of the U in USB :slight_smile: