Need Help Recording Audio!

I’m doing a series of music projects and need to record an output audio source from within (i.e. running any application on my laptop and using another program to detect and record the source(s), without any external hardware and the like.

The audio itself is already dated and pretty poor so I’m trying to capture the best possible sound quality.

Any help is surely appreciated!

So what is the source you’re recording from…? Cassette? Record player?

If it’s something that has a line-out, like a cassette player, get a cassette deck with a line-out, get some RCA cables with a jack (or mini-jack) on one end, then connect it to your laptop using the laptop’s line-in jack. Then use some freebie software like Audacity to record.

So you have just one PC, want to run a program on it, and use another program on the same PC to record the data?
Sounds like pretty much any of the recording programs in this thread can help: