Need help regarding linking Genei Jin

Hi, I’ve been planing to master Yun, or attempt to, and I have this major problem. I can’t quite link the jab, short, strong then go into Genei Jin right away. I don’t know what the specific movements I have to do on the pad to activate it once the strong hits off. Could someone please explain to me how to do it? It’s been driving me nuts!!! :annoy:

Also, I have to ask, I’m still new to the terms, what does xx mean? e.g. jab,short, strong xx Genei Jin.

xx means cancel into super or something. yea it took me a while to get jab short strong xx gj. What I do is when i hit strong i do two qcf really fast, it took me a while to get it but i eventually get it. Keep on practising my friend and you’ll get it =)

There are two ways to do this.

The first way is to do it how pattybam mentioned. Right after the strong hits, quickly do 2 qcf into GJ. Try doing it as soon as you hit strong.

The second way is to negetive edge. This is done by hitting jab, short, strong as well, however once you hit strong you must hold it down, do the 2 qcf, then release strong. The Genei Jin should come out right after. I used to do it this way before I learned the other.

Hope this helps :tup: