Need help regarding the Wrestle Joystick


Alrighty. I bought myself a cheap arcade stick which is the Wrestle Joystick for the PS2/PS3/PC, primarily for use on a PC but also for the occasional times I play against my friend on his PS3.

Now I’m well aware of how it doesn’t exactly have a great reputation as one of those China-made knockoffs. This thread wasn’t made to discuss that point (I don’t exactly have the money for a Madcatz SE stick just yet, and it beats those horrible 7$ sticks for PCs that are just modified gamepads)
As far as responsiveness goes, it’s satisfactory for me who has no intention of entering competitive play anytime soon. Pretty good for a cheap stick. However, it also has a bit of a problem…

The actuators on the stick do not register as POV switches, and act as buttons instead. While this works for SFIV, it does not work for just about anything else.
Additionally, Windows’ configuration lists 19 buttons in total, when there are 15 buttons in total, including the POV switches (so it truly has 11 buttons and 4 POV switches…treated as buttons)
Only god knows what these phantom buttons are for.

Now I know well enough from information online that these buttons are soldered onto the PCB, so I’m asking for an alternative solution before potentially breaking this thing into pieces:

Is there any software or driver-based solution I can employ to fix this?

I’ve tried searching online for any solutions only to find that there are no driver updates, details on the company that made it nor whoever wrote the drivers for the thing. Does anyone actually have drivers for this thing that actually has POV switches?
I’ve also tried uninstalling the drivers, but the stick surprisingly acts the same way without it, apart from now being called a PLAYSTATION®3 GAMEPAD.

I got a few more details that may help for anyone who might know about these sticks.

Model: Street Domination USB/PS2/PS3 568
OS: Windows XP
DirectX version: 9.0c
Joystick name: PS3 Vibration Joystick
Driver name: PS34A19K BM Effect Driver 1.01

I can supply the stick’s DLLs for Windows if someone is interested in poking around assembly.
Personally, I just hope that if it came down to opening it, there’d be some hidden switch I’d just need to flip :rofl:


Have you tried key mapping software? I have the same stick and it worked well - any game that works with a keyboard will work with your controller. Xpadder is a good one:

As for the “phantom” buttons, there are some connections on the board not tied into the circuit that might be them. Maybe some additional ideas for the board that weren’t used? The connections are stamped L1, R1, Slow, Turbo and Clear (although this makes a total of 20 buttons!?). My controller properties also show XYZ axes when obviously there is no analog stick. I assume these “phantom” buttons and analog inputs must exist on the chip firmware; not physically used, but recognized as an input from the device. And no, there aren’t any hidden switches to flip! haha

The right driver might do it, but I doubt it exists. You could change the board for one that already has POV switches. Like from a Playstation style gamepad that uses the D-Pad for Hat switch. And if you’re going to that trouble, may as well upgrade the buttons and joystick. But you prefer not to mod, so give something like Xpadder or Joy2Key a shot.

Here is a photo of my board, I numbered the connections as they are recognized by the device test in Windows 7.