Need help removing a screw with no head. :[

I was doing my finishing touches on my recently dual-modded VX-SA, when the head of one of the screws that keeps the metal plate on the bottom of the stick in place snapped off. I guess I was tightening it a bit too much. The plate is still securely in place because of the other 5 screws, but that broken off screw is going to bother me to no end until I get it replaced soon. The screw is probably around 1/8" width (just a guess). Someone recommended using easy outs, but I think that might impossible with a screw that small. :sweat:

The red circle is where the broken screw is located.

I guess the best you can do is to cut a small part of the plastic off the top to expose the screw. Then take it out with pliers. Normally you can use a rotary tool to cut a slit on it so you can use a screw driver but I doubt there are cutting wheels that thin to work in this case. I assume these panel screws are quite long so losing a small part on the length of the plastic holding the screw in won’t hurt.

Other possibities:
Superglue or weld something to the top of the screw .
Drill out the hole, and replace with a bigger screw.

Glue trick works well with wood, YMMV with plastic.

? Strong magnet
? Nail
? Lighter
? Pliers

  1. Grab the nail with your pliers and hold the head against the screw.
  2. Heat the nail with the lighter.
  3. The screw will become loose as softens the plastic around it
  4. Use the magnet to pull the screw up and out.

CAUTION: Depending on the magnet, you may want to do step #4 quickly, as heat can cause a magnet to lose its effectiveness.

Hope that helps!

Also, screw extractors do come in sizes that small. You can also drill the screw so that it falls apart without destroying the threads, but it needs some really fine drills. In this case, if any of the screw is visible then I’d go with the superglue-it-to-a-stick method.

I think I’ll try the super glue method first, since the screw is fairly visible. I’m a little reluctant of cutting a piece of the column just to get rid of a screw, but I’ll try it out as a last resort.