Need help removing and tightening Shaft Cover on HRAP3

hi scene , im having trouble removing the Shaft Cover on my HRAP3 does anyone know an easy way of removing it and then tightening the Ball back on to the Shaft ?

any tips help


HRAP3 is a bitch to open.

Assuming it is a JLF:

Remove bottom plate with screw driver. Now you should see the plastic bottom of the stick and still cannot get to the arcade parts. You can now see the carriage bolt nuts along the sides of the inner plastic wall. You need to remove those to free the top panel. If you have a 7mm socket wrench unscrew the nuts. If you want to you can also use needle nose pliers to remove the nuts, but it will suck.

Once the panel is removed you can put a flathead on the bottom of the shaft and spin off the balltop and remove the shaft cover.

I could probably suggest that if you have a dremel or rotary tool you can cut the bottom off. Or you could order HRAP top loader Bolts from Tek-Innovations for easy removal of the top panel.

hiya rtdzign , nice Tutorial you made matey…i followed every step and it worked like a charm , thanks for teaching me how to remove Shaft Covers and tightening Ball Tops. I have 4 HRAPs in total and with your knowledge i can work on them with ease. Also i have a Astro City and am going to remove the current Sticks and replace them with Sanwas , i was in the dark a bit on how to do it but im going to transfer your steps into removing the old Stcks from the Control Panel.

thanks very much for teaching me and educating me

chat soon