Need Help Reorganizing My Team

I have been playing UMVC3 casually since around the release of the ultimate update and have settled with the team of Trish/Hsien-Ko/X-23. This team has served me very well (have been having around 60-70% win rate), but recently as i have climbed into higher tiers of play I have noticed that my team doesn’t have the synergy for my play style. Trish seems to feel a bit out of place for the team, but she is the character i know best, while X-23 and Hsien-Ko (from my experience) have fantastic synergy but i don’t know them half as well as Trish. My question is, should I go for a Trish-sentric team or find a better fit for my X-23 Hsien-Ko combination? Suggestions for team would be appreciated.

Depends on who you feel comfortable using. When building your team you should have several characters you can turn to that can aide each other via assists, crossover counters, etc. When focusing around one character you need assists that suit your play style or characters that can DHC smoothly into each-other. With that being said please explain your playstyle and that can help us understand what you want in a team

I guess my play style can be broken down to Trish and X-23/Hsein-Ko.

The Condensed Version: My Trish stands fantastically alone using little to no assists while X-23/Hsein-Ko can hit hard but heavily require assists to be effective.

Trish: I start with Trish on point and basically patiently zone with traps and projectiles until i find an opening to rush down, unless I am against someone who can out zone me in which case I pretty much do the opposite. While using Trish I find myself rarely ever using assists and still taking down most of the other team if not out right eliminating them. My main weakness when using Trish is against very good zoning.

X-23/Hsein-Ko: When either character is out i attempt to rush down and use all my assists heavily. Besides using to Hsein-Ko assist like a truck I am able to use it to combo after X-23’s OTG anywhere on screen and I can also use x-23’s ankle slice assist for a pretty save unblockable with Hsein-Ko. My main problem with this pair is once you take away my assists or If i am unable to safely use them, I become completely useless with them.

Trish is a very good character. Hsien-Ko isn’t.

Hsien-Ko requires a lot of work to use effectively and needs you to devote your team to doing so. If you love Hsien-Ko enough to do this go right ahead. Otherwise go with Trish.

Thanks for the advice. I have replaced Hsein-ko with rocket raccoon for the past couple of weeks, with some surprising good results.