Need help restoring this arcade stick


So I’ve got this TE that I’ve been working to try and get back up and running, I have all the buttons straight and I’m making a new flap for the wire, but the joystick needs to be put back in place. I was just wondering if there was anything missing that I need to have the stick running well and won’t have hardware malfunctions. I’ll post pictures below to show you what I’m working with.

I’d really like to get some assistance from someone who’s a little more experienced in this field.


If that’s all you have for the joystick, the only things you’re missing is the Actuator, E-clip, and a shaft cover (since your dust covers are sized for shaft-covers)


Just make sure you did not install the Joystick wireharness in upside down.
If you did, just flip that connector around.


I actually found the acutator, and the shaft cover inside the stick…idk why it decided until now to go in hiding; but I’m just glad I found it! Now just need to get the E-clip and I’ll be all set.


Ok, bump because I now have the e-clip to the arcade stick, now I just need help in putting the joystick back together, any help? I’ve modded art for arcade sticks and replaced buttons, but I never had to mess with the joystick too much.

  • Hold balltop+shaft, with the ball pointing downwards
  • Put the white pivot through the shaft, so that the flat side of the pivot is towards the balltop
  • Put this entire thing through the metal panel and into the black joystick base
  • Put the metal washer on the underside of the black base around the shaft
  • Put the spring base through the shaft next
  • Put the spring through the shaft onto the spring base
  • put the microswitch PCB next, with the PCB side closer to the metal panel
  • put on e-clip
  • clip in restrictor


I got tired of finding tuts that didn’t have the gist of what I was looking for, so I just winged it. I tested the inputs and everything, and after 30 minutes of surgery, I was successfully able to revive this beautiful arcade stick. :smiley:

Thank you guys for all of your insight!