Need Help R'ingTSD with Rufus

Yeah, I know its Rufus which means it should be easy for me to pull off, but its not.

How do i rush down opponents? my roll is either blocked or punished, any time im stupid enough to jump it backfires and dive kicking either doesnt get me far enough or is DP’d. What are my other options or how do better utilize the tools that I already know. Also once I have successfully gotten a knock down what on Earth do i do? My dive kick or Forward+MK attempts all end in eating DP’s and I’m my attempts to bait a DP aren’t as successful as I wish them to be.

halp, its taken over a month for me to go from 2000 to 2150 points, i just can’t win:sad:

I’ve noticed Rufus’ rush down doesn’t have so much to do with actually landing hits on your opponent but letting them know you can and maintaining that pressure throughout. This means hitting with a few divekicks and staying safe each time, so that they know your dive kicks are that good. When up close, it means either teching or baiting techs and punishing with his easy ass short to spinning thingy combos. If they jump, learn to react with either jump back roundhouse or DP.

I’m no sf4 player but I was getting wins with rufus at denjin by doing this stuff. I don’t know if it’ll work in tournament though. And if your concern is over live or psn, the solution is just don’t go on either of those. Online sf4 is shit,…ier than regular sf4.

sorry mate, i live in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. its either Online SFIV or sit around with my thumb up my ass playing arcade mode, and if i’m going down that route i’m dropping SFIV and going back to GG

That’s how I learned how to play 3s, dude. It’s not impossible. And I think the computer is susceptible to conditioning as well.

If you must play online though, don’t go for the rushdown, because personally, I don’t think it’s really all that possible unless your opponent is really bad or Ken I.

Michigan isn’t butt fuck no where, I’m sure it’d be an hour drive to a nearby session with friends if you were so inclined. I drive 2 hours to denjin when I do happen to go over there. Which is like once a month if I’m lucky. Otherwise it’s arcade mode and training mode for me.

I know this must sound like the ultimate cop out but i neither have the time or finances to travel outside of Mt. Pleasant, im a dirt poor college student and the only time i get for SFIV is an hour or two before going to sleep. I went to the ranbats in Michigan twice, but i can’t justify a 5 hour round trip and 35-40$ for playing 2-3 matches, let alone the fact that it ate up an entire Sunday. SFIV Online give me the chance to actually compete with people (which is an extremely new concept to me).

but now to get back on topic, if rushdown is a great way to lose how do i play defensively with Rufus? what are my defensive options other than EX Messiah?

well rufus’s s.hp and are both great anti airs. is more reliable because it does not trade as much, but sometimes u can hit opponents trying to empty jump on u with s.hp. Snake strikes also work as good anti airs. If you can predict a jump from a character with a long, slow jump like dhalsim, chun li, seth, or gief then try to EX snake strike them on reaction.

perhaps i should have worded my question better, I know my AA options when on defense. I just shy away from playing defensively because when on the ground i dont know how to make the opponent peruse me (this is SFIV after all) or how to not find myself stuck in a fireball match. If rushdown online is useless should i just drop Rufus?

Rushdown is not useless online. Just make sure you’re playing at least a 4 bar game.

Im not exactly sure what your problem is. I can give you some basic Rufus tips…

The roll is good because it sets up your rush down, but it is not your rushdown itself. Your rushdown should involve mixing up between dive kicks that are really low to the ground into standing LK -> standing HP, throws, and blocking.

Instead of trying to get in right from the start when they’re throwing fireballs, try focus backdashing a couple of fireballs. Its usually pretty safe and when you land your ultra its gonna do a shitload of damage. If you have full ultra and they do a risky DP that you block, all it takes is st. LK -> st.HK -> ultra and you pretty much win. So in that way blocking (ceasing your rushdown) can be just as threatening as actual rush down.

Roll -> throw is good.
Roll -> EX messiah is good.
Sweep is good. Make sure you space it right.
Even random ass HK messiah kick can be good.


well then i’m not exactly sure what im doing wrong, aside from playing 4 bar matches (which happen every lunar eclipse)

how airtight is Roll > throw/Ex Messiah? because i’m pretty sure ive tried that and been DP’d out of it. I’ve practiced the hell out of dive kick combos (especially dive kick > target combo > Ultra) but i cant get in close enough to use it routinely. The problem im trying to get help on is how do i get in and stay in, roll helps me get in but its usually blocked and then im DP’d out and if i jump high enough to dive kick in i may as well be holding a sign saying DP me. That video is almost exactly what my mindset is when playing, but it just never works that well. from what im hearing thats because of SFIV’s lag and not my execution (which i used to think it was, but after ages of execution training I started to wonder why nothing worked online)

and i dont want to sound like im crying over the DP’s either, its just that it ravages me because on the off chance that i can get in someones face all it takes is one execution whiff and flying the airlines back to the middle of the arena (if im lucky, otherwise im eating Ultra for dinner).

Perhaps i need to work on my mindgames more and find ways to get the opponent to throw out whiffs? are there any articles on mindgames? (especially Rufus ones, if character specific strats exists)

(and thanks for all the help so far people)

Yeah Rushing down is all about What to do after knockdown known as Okizeme. The easiest thing you can do that i just got off the Rufus forums is after a Forward+throw, Going into a Roll, Jump U/F as soon as it finishes, you can hold down U/F there, then go straight into divekick. Basically it’s an assured crossup or reversal beater, no reversal will beat it. I’d suggest to pop over the the Rufus forums right now as there’s a Wakeup thread that has just been posted and it has all of the options there of what to do.

Rushing down is all about getting that knockdown then abusing all your options including simply being close to them and blocking so they ultra and you get a nice meaty combo.

Maj’s articles regarding footsies are good for assistance in developing your own mind games.

thanks all, especially since attacking off of somones wakeup is impossible for me

After a throw you can jump in with his HP which is great from a distance and then go into a triangle kick to bait something or immediately after the hp or > ex messiah. Most people will not be blocking low and you will be surprised with what you can get away with online. Rufus is not hard to win with online, I have a good percentage of wins with him.

not to discredit or doubt you but does that actually work?! wouldn’t a Jump In HP from that distance give your opponent a day and a half to DP you? I know the wake-up thread says that you safe jump with j.HP but thats after a Tornado hit. And is > EX Messiah airtight?

and i can’t get away with a damn thing online unless its ELF or a mirror match, i might ask my buddy to lemme borrow his video camera. I want to record my matches and get constructive criticism from them.

Learn to triangle jump divekicks (divekick pretty much right off the ground) it’s great for baiting DPs. When they block a Galactic Tornado, you can often catch them trying to punish with an EX Messiah kick. (You’d be surprised at how often this works) -> ex messiah only works from point blank or just outside of point blank if I remember right. xx ex tornado is much easier and is only 14 less damage, plus it hits from any distance instead of just point blank.

Other than that the rest is just getting a feel for Rufus. If you get a solid ground game and then all of a sudden start dive kick pressure they won’t know what to do. Throw mixups are really good with it, as well as just comboing off it.

A few things.

  1. Fuck videos. You might see some cool tricks but you will never be able to react or have the freedom like the people in the given situations. Rushdown is all about predicting how your opponent will react to your pressure. You couldn’t possibly learn this through just watching vids.

  2. Learn your match ups inside and out.

  3. Yes your rolls can be DPed out of. Lots of Rufus’s stuff can be broken up and DPed out of. If you’re failing at baiting DPs then either you’re playing people who are very selectively mashing out DPs or you’re going about it wrong. As you learn the character you’ll learn lots of nifty stuff to apply pressure but lots of it can be interrupted with moves that have invincibility. Learn your opponents tendencies in this regard and react. (Does he DP on wake up? Does he mash in my block strings? Does he mash right after I dive kick? Right after I roll? etc)

  4. Getting past zoners can be hard. Take it slow. Vary the ways you try to get close. Rufus is mad rushdown but nothing says you have to be in your opponents face immediately and all the time. Think of it like two steps, the getting close and then the actually rushing down.

  5. WALK FORWARD. Someone gave me this advice and its seems so simple but it helped me tremendously. It doesn’t occur to people just to walk forward. You’ll want to jump, dash, roll, galactic tornado and messiah kick in but when it comes down to it, pushing forward on the stick still remains the best way to advance. Walk forward and be ready to block, react to some things with a quick divekick, react to jumps with Don’t hastily chase people. If they want to run away, throw fireballs, backdash, whatever, let them. Eventually the screen will end and they’ll be in the corner, where Rufus is his strongest and with nowhere to run…