Need help SE broke!


Well was using my SE yesterday and I heard the stick making weird noise, continued playing then came to realise the whole thing had came loose becuase I heard the metal on the inside hitting.
I decided to take it apart and I can tell it’s broke becuase there’s nothing holding the stick in place, you can just pull it out. I see there’s screws but I can’t tell what they screw into, I think the screws snapped on the inside.
So how could I fix this? Could I superglue the metal around the stick to make it stay in place or is there anything else I could use?

If everyone needs pics I could get some later.



42 views and nothing? As of now the stick is completely apart, with the screws that hold the stick to the frontplate snapped off in the metal plate so there’s nothing to hold the stick in it’s place… I tried superglue and all that did was run and get in a couple of my buttons(ruined the buttons) and it didn’t hold the plate in the right spot… so I need help anyone know what I can do?


Was the pin connector plugged in? I put a Sanwa stick into my SE and the pin connector kept coming off. I had to eventually superglue the connection so that it’d stop coming off.


Any way you can post up photos?


Pin Connecter? Not sure it’s just the 4 screws around the outside of the stick, litterly snapped in half and are inside the middle so I can’t put new screws in and rescrew the stick in becuase the ends of the old screws are still stuck in.
So I dunno… i’ll have pics up tomorrow but not much that they will do.