NEED HELP: SE Fightstick Mod Gone Wrong

Ok. So as I was removing the quick disconnects off the buttons, two of them wouldn’t budge. So i added a little more force in trying to remove the quick disconnect and it snapped in half.

What are your guys’ recommendation on what I should do now? I tried looking for spare parts but I’m not sure which to get.

You gotta solder new quick disconnects on to the PCB

Will I need new cables as well?


You could just solder the wire (that your disconnect broke off of) to the prong it’s supposed to connect to. If you don’t want to solder, you can always just go buy a new quick disconnect for ten cents.

You’ll need to cut the wire, strip it, and put on a new .110 quick disconnect and then crimp it. Or you could just solder the wire to the button (but you will need to desolder if you plan to change buttons).

yep thats the easiest way

if you don’t use all 8 buttons you can just buy button plugs and plug up the 2 rightmost holes then take one of the plugged button’s quick disconnects and use it to replace the button you messed up.

go into options and map the buttons accordingly.

This thread sort of confuses me. Based on the title, I was expecting a broken PCB or damaging the case in someway where it was beyond a simple repair.

But… a broken qd? Er… replace it?

Is it on the button or on the wire where the break occurred?

i kinda have a problem like this i was modding the wiresless t6 fight stick got the sanwa buttons in i was making the holes in the pcb bigger to fit the buttons and one of the tabs broke i hear i can use DCs instead of using the pcb any clues ?