Need Help Soldering LS/DP/RS Switch on Brawlpad Dualmod!


I have a new question for you guys, this time involving a PS3 R1 TE, a X360 Brawlpad, and a Imp v2 PCB. That question is: How do I connect the LS/DP/RS switch on the X360 Brawlpad to the PS3 TE? Someone told me this was very possible, but I’m just not sure where I need to solder. Here’s what I see on each of the PCBs.

PS3 TE - Behind the switch on the back of the pcb, from left to right, I see a total of 6 solder points: a group of 4 and a pair of 2. I’m ASSUMING that means there is a signal and a ground next to each other for each of the 3 switch points. I’m hoping someone can confirm this or correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like from left to right that Pins 2, 3, and 5 are the signal points. Guessing again, that would mean Pin 2 = RS / Pin 3 = DP / Pin 5 = LS. If those are the spots I have to solder to, then great, just let me know! If those are NOT the spots I should solder to, please correct me. Now on to the Brawlpad.

X360 Brawlpad - This one will be a little more tricky, because there isn’t any spots other than right on the switch. Anyways, from left to right, I see a total of 4 pairs of solder points: 1 by itself, and a group of 3. This is the part I don’t really have a clue on. First, I can’t tell which of the 4 pairs I think the ground is. On top of that, I don’t know whether I can solder to the top points or the bottom points. I mean, it looks like each pair is connected either inside or underneath the switch, so that at least bumps it down to 4 possible spots. In THAT case, if I had to guess, I’d say that the 2nd pin from the left, the one that looks like it’s dead center of the switch, is the ground. I say that because I THINK I can see leads from the other 3, and because that is the perfect place for the ground when making a simple switch like that.

EDIT Here is a pic I borrowed from one of rtdzign’s threads. In the picture on the right, you can see the switch down at the bottom of the board.

So yeah, if someone can tell me what spots to connect, I would greatly appreciate it. I just want to keep as much functionality as possible when in X360 mode.



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On the TE PCB, you see six solder points.
From the back is O432 1O you see.
So mean O1 234O from front.

The O is just mounting support for the switch.
O is connected to 2, but you don’t need to know that.

Here is how the switch works.
Left connects 1 to 2.
Middle connects 2 to 3.
Right connects 2 to 4.

2 is actually Ground.
And is connected to Ground.

3 is nothing.
It is just there.

On the BrawlPad, you see the same 1 234 configuration.
But you see both top and bottom.
1 234
1 234

If you remove the switch, you see that all same numbers are connected to each other.
On BrawlPad, the same as TE.

1 is LS Signal.
2 is Ground.
3 is nothing.
4 is RS Signal.

PCB is in DP Mode when there is nothing.
So 2 is Ground, and 3 is nothing, that makes DP.

These switches are ON-OFF-ON SPDT Switches.

Thank you so much! Sorry if I sounded mean in my post, I totally wasn’t mad at you or anything, and I didn’t mean to upset anyone. To be honest, when I wrote the post, I didn’t even remember that it was you who said I could solder those points. Anyways, you have helped me with a LOT of questions I have had, and I am VERY grateful, so I will change my post to hopefully not sound mean. I meant no disrespect to you, I promise. :slight_smile:

As for your post with all of the detailed information, again, thank you VERY much, and I have just 2 more questions if you don’t mind answering them.

  1. You mentioned I would see all the top and bottoms connected on the Brawlpad if I removed the switch. Is it safe to remove the switch on the brawlpad permanently and just solder to those points, or will that cause problems?

  2. Since the controller is common ground, do I only need to solder the LS signal and RS signal to the TE? Or do I also need to solder the ground?



You can remove the switch from BrawlPad if you want to.

You only solder LS Signal and RS Signal.

Awesome, thanks again!