Need help taking apart my SVC Chaos stick

So after dropping it too many times I decided to check what was wrong with my stick and opened it up. One of the grounds disconnected and the base of the sanwa knock off stick broke.

Now all I wanted to do is somehow rewire/switch the R1 and R2 buttons to where they are supposed to be. For some reason this stick has the L1/L2 button placement switched.

So now this is what I have:

I see those two tabs that should allow me to remove that pcb. Problem is when I try to pry it out it feels like something is still holding it in place. I made it this far, so the last thing I want to do is shatter the whole thing.

Here is what it looks like from the top:

Anyone here ever take one of these apart completely? I don’t want to replace the buttons because I actually like them. I just want to make sure the R1/R2 are where they are supposed to be. I believe I got to all of the screws but am scared to use brute force, because some the plastic is really flimsy.


Wait, they made an SVC Chaos stick? :confused:

The buttons are soldered directly to the PCB so you probably can’t pull it off without desoldering the buttons first.

And yes, they made SVC Chaos Sticks. 2 different ones (one for Capcom and one for SNK) just as with the CVS sticks. I have both versions of the SVC Chaos sticks and they are both brand new in box : ) Being a collector it was a great find.

The JLF knockoffs are VERY VERY good. I honestly doubt I would be able to tell the difference in a blind test and honestly that says a lot since I’m a joystick snob : P*


So I can’t simply pop off the pcb?

And yes, this stick was awesome, just stupid button placement.

I just can’t seem to get in between the pcb and whatever is holding them together, which is most likely that they are soldered together as mentioned by paik.

I just wanted to move the R1/R2 for maximum adapter compatibility.

yea its not likely, its a definite, lot of companies do this method
desolder the buttons off the pcb

If you don’t have the soldering experience, I can bring my tools next time, Pablo. Along with the PCBs, of course :smile:

The only thing holding the buttons and PCB together is the solder. Just desolder it and you’re good to go.


pick up a desoldering tool like this one ( for a couple of bucks at radio shack.

super easy to desolder

on this stick are the knockoff buttons as high quality as the knockoff JLF and is the capcom version exactly the same as the snk version?

I believe the stick straight out of the box is excellent. That is why I did not mind leaving the buttons and the pcb as is.

I too have an SVC Chaos stick, and I really like the buttons, other than the stupid button layout. L1 and R2 are switched, and R1 and L2 are switched. I’m actually okay with that for now. I can probably re-wire the jumpers between the PCB and the orange board at the top and have the same effect, I think.

My main problem is that the stick seems really tight and it’s hard to hit the diagonals for quarter circle motions. I think I would do better if I replaced the octagonal gate with a square one…the opposite of what people do for their Sanwas. Would a square Sanwa JLF gate fit this stick? Do any of you know where I can get a square JLF gate without buying an entire Sanwa stick?