Need help/tips/links to sources on doing inputs effectively on arcade sticks

I grew up playing fighters on consoles but i really want to become proficient with an arcade stick. Playing with pads all these years has kinda given me i bit of a stigma in that i feel i have no control when using a stick because i can’t grasp the entire thing in my hand. I also have trouble with things like cancels and performing supers (I’m ok at doing them by themselves, but i have difficulty super canceling. Also, i have a much tougher time with double QCF’s than single ones, but i think this is from playing VF 5 with a stick since there are moves in that game that require a single QCF but none that require two). I would really appreciate any help or sources of help you could provide.

Be prepared for a long road. I’ve been at it for almost six months, and I’m still not close to where I was on pad.

Could you hold your own in high level play with a pad?

Yes, but I grew up on pads, so I never saw it as a disadvantage.

I think the high percentage of top level stick players has more to do with the fact that arcades = competition, and arcades use sticks. Sticks are better for certain things, but the difference shouldn’t be big enough to mean the difference between winning and losing. Pad has its own advantages anyway, especially for any game with IAD.

Pads tend to get a bad rep’ because people aren’t as picky with them as they should be. A good pad is about as difficult to find as a good stick. You need a good, accurate 8-way d-pad that’s not too small and 6 large face buttons.

You can try the ‘Roshihikari Grip’ on the joystick. This is holding the stick with your palm facing slightly upwards instead of downwards, hold it a little bit like a wine glass, with the ball comfortably placed between your middle and ring fingers, or your middle and index fingers, whatever suits you better.

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I can give you some information that may help you with the QCFx2 motion.

It’s a lie! Personally, I like to use a 360 for my super motions. This is the motion: :df:,:r:,:uf:,:u:,:ub:,:l:,:db:,:d:,:df:. For links in particular, I can adjust the speed of the spin for the correct timing. I use this for all of Ken’s hit confirms, and low forward xx super, but for punishment combos like low forward/stand fierce x mp dp xx super I stick to the “traditional” way of inputting the super, but I guess that is just because of how the combo is put together. (sorry for all the Ken talk if you don’t play him…)

Even for the basics, like short,short xx super-- If you cannot hit this with moderate accuracy, you should give this method a try. I know it may sound wierd… but when I was taught this method by a player I respect, it was like a new door had opened. Suddenly, I wasn’t handicapped to a single side.:rofl:

As for learning the stick in general, I know this sounds cliche but practice makes perfect. Not just training mode practice… even though you need to get comfortable with your character’s (and the games) basics, nothing can replace the learning pace of playing with competition. With p2p, theres literally no excuse to say you don’t have comp. It’s important to play people equal to or below your skill level while learning… don’t go scouting for beasts. I see too many people putting the stick on a pedestal. It’s not worthy, it is just a peripheral waiting to be mastered.

What do you think of the SF:AE controller? Is it $15 garbage or gold? It sucks, but I have a friend who would rather quit than learn stick, but I think this is the perfect tool for him.

I use the AE pads and love them. The d-pad is awesome and i love having all six attack buttons on the face. If they come out with some for 360 when SF IV drops, i will buy them.

But i will try your technique. I actually play Ken as well so this worked out. I am getting some practice in and am learning, but i still have more to do. One thing in particular I’m having trouble with is shoryukens on command, but i’m sure that will just come with practice.

I haven’t used the AE pad myself, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. It’s better than a default dual shock or something, but you’re better off with a good PS2/USB Saturn pad if you can find one.

I used to have this 6 button SNES pad back in the day with really big buttons and a nice d-pad (very similar to the Saturn Super 8 actually), but I have no idea what it was called or whether I sold it back when I was retarded.

My basic problem on stick is just that I’m used to doing much smaller motions on pad. I’ll usually end up missing a down or left/right direction when trying to combo supers quickly, and that kills my consistency.

Yeah the AE pads are good, but after a year or so of wear and tear, they start to deteriorate. Mine are still kicking though. If i was gonna look for a USB Saturn pad, where would I start? Also, sorry if i sound like a noob, but how do they work? do they just plug into your ps2?

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