Need help training Sagat vs Cammy

Hello Cammy forums. I am here to make a humble requests. I want to get better at the Cammy match and need your assistance. I just wanna grind this match out with any decent/strong players. I’m not deluded enough to think
I will be wrecking cammys thanks to this training. I know she pretty much wrecks Sagat but at least I don’t wanna make it easy for a cammy to walk all over me which is how I feel now.

I play on PSN and my tag is EmblemLord. I’m usually on at night. I’m on the EC in New Jersey, USA. Shoot me a message or post here if you are interested. Positive feedback after matches would be much appreciated.

I’m generally terrible and online here and there.
Add me : seth_mortifer

I hail from the Caribbean though, not sure what kind of latency might present itself