Need help translating this Japanese Kanji symbol tattoo!


I have a friend who got a tattoo in Japanese Kanji…why I don’t know since they are American and don’t speak Japanese but anyways…she thinks it means one thing, I think it means something else. I’ve done some research online and well…what I think it is isn’t very close to what she thinks she got. I know SRK has a bunch of people who can read/speak Japanese so I’d appreciate the help! I’m attaching a photo. Thanks a bunch!


If you post a picture of your tits we can fly you to Japan to find out the meaning from a real life Japanese person!!!


Yeah…I’m kind of a 33 year old male. You want photos of my hairy tits go for it, I’m sure some Japanese business men might go for that. My “friend” is a female…I’m a male…I put quotes around friend cause we do extracurricular activities from time to time. Just curious if her tattoo means what it means.


that kanji means “bride”嫁


I did some research online and honestly I think it means something a tad more slutty…she thinks it means love…and I think it means “whore”. I wanted verification from a Japanese person.


And ZMangZ appreciate the help but I think the bride one doesn’t match the tattoo in some areas…I’m no expert for sure though.


Had a similar thread before, with a similar user.

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Uh…yeah sorry dude this my first time posting on this website. Just curious what her tattoo means.


All Japanese symbols, tribal tattoos and Celtic patterns universally mean ‘wanker’ on anyone not from those respective regions.


You need to get your eyes checked. The right side kanji look nothing alike

I’ve said it before in the lounge. Anyone who gets a kanji tattoo without research or knowledge of written japanese gets what they deserve. I genuinely hope your friend just got “cum dumpster” stamped on her in japanese.

Terrible Name Senpai


She’s a stripper, man. She only wants your drugs, not you.

Didn’t’ even have to read the post.


…You joined SRK a gaming forum to ask about tattoo?? Why didn’t you…

fuck it, I don’t care


Read alone as “yome”, the word could mean “bride” or “daughter-in-law”, depending on context.