Need help trial 19!



Sorry if this question has been answered, but I am having trouble doing akumas trials I am stuck at 19 where you fadc after fireball but every time i do it the focus attack punch come out i dont know what I’m doing wrong please help.


wait the fireball to at least start to come out before you fadc. Calm down :slight_smile:


Can you FADC anything? As in, can you fadc an srk into red fireball or other types of fadcs? I’m just wondering if its the fireball fadc that is the only problem or fadcs in general. If focus attack comes out, you just arent dashing out of the focus. Check your inputs in training to see if you are hitting the dash properly. I like doing forward+mp+mk, forward+mp+mk for my fadcs. Some hold the MP+MK and then do forward, forward to dash. Find what works for you. There’s not too much I can tell you. If focus attack punch is coming out, you just arent dash cancelling it.


Just a note about this common issue, you can be a master of srk fadc and still get this problem. It’s not about how clean are your fadc it’s about when do you start it. And mainly when doing 2 in 1 FADC like :hp: xx fireball FADC. The 2 in 1 often can be done like a single move and you have a “lot” of time to kill before the special (fireball here) start and the FADC being “available”. So in this particular case, the best bet is impatience.


Thanks for the Help so far guys. Im still struggling with the fadc part, but i think my problem is that im letting go of the mp,mk too early before i dash that is why i keep getting an empty focus attack. Things just go so fast and i get in a rush.


you can use :f: + :mp: :mk: twice
When you’ll be better in exe you’ll switch back to the pure move to avoid some drawback of this shortcut. But for now it’s a better way to learn.


The reason you are getting a FOCUS attack instead of dash is because you are focusing toooooo early. fireball can only be cancelled in the active frames and attempting to focus dash before that will result in a level focus attack.

I did a tutorial on machinima a while back, I guess I covered it