Need help trying to pick out buget PC speakers, can anyone help?


Hi guys,

I’m trying to figure out a good set of affordable PC speakers. My budget is $50 including shipping. However I have Amazon Prime, so if the speakers are on amazon I can have them shipped for very cheap and fast.

I’ve looked through so many speakers I just don’t know the difference between some. Like all of these:

Can anyone help me out? Try to lead me to what would be the best bang for my buck?


I’ve tried the first one and the last one at frys.
Don’t get the one from the third link. It definitely isn’t worth the money.

For budget speakers I would defintely cough up the money for this one - sounded really great -

If I was going with logitechs, I would go with something that is THX certified, else I would go with the budget creative speakers.

Quick tip for the sound card - get one that has FPaudio connector (technology by Intel). Of course your case needs the FPaudio connecter too in order to use the sound and mic ports in the front - not to worry if your case is somewhat modern.

This the sound card on my main PC - Some of the highs and lows are better than SB X-fi in games.

When you purchase your next sound card make sure it has FPaudio connecter. hint: If you are going with X-fi chipset you gotta pay attention to X-Fi cards - many of them don’t have FPaudio, only some do.

Another tip since you are going to be a network warrior… its generally a good idea to put peripherals on PCI-express instead of regular PCI slots.

What is the top gigabit speed? 1000/Mbit divided 8 = 125Megabytes per second.
What is the total shared speed of regular PCI slots? 130MBps shared.
What is the speed on PCIe slot? 250Megabytes per second unshared with other PCI/PCIe slots.

So to achieve maximum transfer rates, separate the data channels from the NIC and other peripherals utilizing PCIe.

here’s a starter for you -,2321.html


Check these out …

They’re great little speakers for the price

Edit: CaptnAmerica suggested the same ones! what are the chances of that?


wow… cheaper than newegg from the link I posted up. LoL


Plus I can get those speakers with my amazon prime, NICE.

If two guys at the same time recommend it, I gotta believe :lol:

And thanks for the insight Captn, right now I’m just sticking with onboard audio because I’m so cheap. Thankfully I don’t know what I’m missing, I’ll spoil myself a bit more when I have the money.


Have the 1st one, and i love them. Never had any problem, they work perfect!


Nothing wrong with onboard audio if you aren’t as picky as I am. And do note I used the words “when you purchase your next sound card…” Knew you were on tight budget and weren’t looking for new sound card.

Next time you get a new sound card, you may have to research all over again. LoL


Yeah I’d love to invest eventually, when I get a job? Yeah :lol:

But I went ahead and bought the speakers you recommended, thanks.


Not a problem but thanks to shinobi sanwa, you got $10 off from amazon. LOL

Just make sure you get a internship and your CCNA - the sooner the better. Also make sure you have a copy of Network Warrior by O’reilly as reference by your side. :smile: Faster you get a CCNA, the more chance of you getting a job. When you get a nice job, the more chance of getting that sound card… with nice monstrous beast of a computer you always wanted.

Good Luck!:cool:


Logitech makes good speakers. I never had any problems and the sound quality is nice.


Go with a creative product at all costs. I used to have the Z-5500’s which were their premiere surround sound speakers. They sounded like garbage compared to the G500’s I bought by Creative.

Go to your local electronics store and take a set home and see how you like them. Spend the 50 to get the set with the sub. You wont regret it mate


Same as this man