Need help. UltraStik 360 joystick mod


I’m looking to mod this Pelican Real Arcade PS2 Joystick for my Xbox 360. I would like to know what is the best control pad to mod? The original Xbox 360 or Madcatz control pad. I plan to use all buttons with my joystick MOD. I’m still deciding on the push buttons to use with my MOD but my ideal joystick is the UltraStik 360. Has anyone here use this joystick in a Xbox 360 joystick MOD? If so any help would be great. Thanks to this forum I have some ideal of what I want to do.

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Just wire it up using the 10pin header on the joystick’s PCB. There’s going to be a +5v line coming from the Xbox360’s USB port and you can use that for +5v the stick needs.

You’re going to want either a common ground pad or use the 4066/7404 method seen here:

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If you want to use 8 buttons, the easiest route, especially for a beginner is to mod a madcatz fight pad.

The next best bet would be either a Madcatz retro joystick or a madcatz wired pad (model 4716).

Other than that, looks elsewhere in the tech talk section for pad hacking info, and read


is it actually possible to use an ultrastik 360 with a console? I thought it had to have special stuff (joystick maps? not sure how to describe) loaded into it when running


Yeah I think it should be possible since you still have to wire it to the xbox 360 control pad.