Need help understanding Kens ambiguous crossup

So everyone knows Kens most basic ambiguous crossup witch is his super jump after landing a Shippu, the opponant appears to need to guess which side you will land on. However when I was playing a Ken mirror match, I lost to a Ken who uses this a lot because there were inconsistancies as to when which player (p1 or p2) would crossup or not with a simple superjump after the shippu, and consiquently I ate a lot of damage for blocking the wrong way when i was sure he was/wasn’t going to crossup and was wrong. I was talking to C-Royd and he said that there were instances where p1 will crossup where p2 wont and vice versa.

Can anyone explain to me or link me to a thread that explains when Ken will and will not cross you up with a super jump when waking up after a shippu (assuming you are also playing Ken, as I’ve noticed this gets even more complicated with other shotos like Gouki will get crossed up when Ken won’t on some occasions)? in the post of the Sunday, May 15th, 2005