Need Help Understanding or Performing a Combo?

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I’m here to teach you how to perform all those tricky fighting game combos that you’ve always dreamed of doing, but couldn’t ever figure out how! No combo is too simple or too complex. Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, step right up!

How do you do the spam infinites in spectral vs generation? Even with turbo I can only get about 4 in.

How do I jump roundhouse to sweep?

Though seriously, this is a pretty good idea. :tup:

On HD Remix I like doing DeeJay’s crossup j. mk, c. lp, c.lp XX Machine Gun Upper, but I haven’t had much luck doing crossup, c. lp, c. lp, s. mp XX Dread Kick. I have no trouble charging DOWN when in mid-air with the crossup, but I get confused as far as a BACK charge goes.

i’m going to come off totally noob when i ask this but i need to ask. i haven’t played an old school sf game in a while and in hd remix i can’t seem to pull off a basic jump in combo. i can do everything fine, my execution is very good in every other aspect but i can’t combo a jump to a normal. am i not jump kicking deep enough?

hold forward as you jump forward

You have to do a move that knocks them high into the air using time freeze at the same time. Before they land start spamming LK.

Regarding Charlie’s VC in Alpha 3. I know I activate VC3, xx lk FK xx SK xx f,f+lk until the corner.

My question is simple, I can never seem to charge the into a lk Flashkick. Also, how do I charge a flashlick after his bazoka knee?

After V activation, you don’t have to charge.

How the hell do you cancel weak attacks into maxmode into strong normal in kof2k2…when you activate the max there, I always get an additional B come out which screws up the entire combo…this doesn’t happen if I cancel overheads and strong attacks into maxmode. I’ve been really trying to nail down Choi crouch Bx2, BC, crouch C, SDM.

How do i perform Rog’s 3x jab into super on ST?

I saw a combo in a ST video where someone used Dictator and did a Jumping Roundhouse into 2 standing shorts, a forward kick, then his super. I’ve tried this like a million times, but can never get it to work.

Some stuff I took from an NKI post.

Already saw that, thanks btw.

But after doing :df: :db: :df:, what NKI means by doing ‘‘jab~fierce’’, do i hit jab along with fierce?

On a anotha note, i’ve been trying to do this months ago. My 2 jabs connects but my last jab doesnt come out, the super comes instead. So its a 5 hit combo, not 7, if u guys think i cancel 2x jabs into super.

Its hard tho, some Great players like Afro legends can do it with consistency. And it seems to easy for them.

It means you hit and hold jab and then immediately hit fierce. If you play tekken you should understand.

I dont play Tekken, maybe i should. :S

As your jumping just start holding dwn+fwd, once you’ve crossed them up this becomes down back. Now you hit two jabs while still holding down back, it is possible to link them but usually this pushes you to far away for the st.strong to connect so you should try to chain the cr.jabs toeghther. Finally rotate the stick from downback to back and hit strong, then press foward + RH and there you go combo to dread kicks! yay.

well first it’s, d,u+mk , [st.RH xx ff+lk xx d,u+mk] repeat brackets till corner.

And when you start the combo the reason you can’t get a flash kick to come out is probably as emil said because you don’t have to charge to do it. But more importantly don’t hold down during the VC activation flash, otherwise your move won’t come out! So you should do

in Neutral VC3,, d,u+mkmk. So Neutral during activation than just do, d,u+mk in one clean motion no charging.

When you press UF to jump, start holding DF the entire time. When you cross over the opponent, your charge will be reset so you’ll have to rebuild charge from scratch. If two jabs doesn’t work, try three. If the third jab doesn’t reach, try doing the second jab slower to give yourself more charge time.

Finally and most importantly, wait a while after you press s.MP before attempting the F+K input. You have something like a 15 frame window to cancel that s.MP so it’s better to keep charging for 12 frames instead of stopping at 4 frames.

Yes, you need to do the jump attack deeper. In the SF2 series, the hitstun on all jumping attacks against standing opponents is very short. In fact, i think jumping light attacks cause the same exact amount of hitstun as jumping hard attacks against standing opponents. Jumping medium and hard attacks cause more hitstun against crouching opponents, but their pushback is also a lot more, so followup attacks have more of a tendency to whiff.

The solution to all of these problems is doing the jump attack deeper and then doing the followup attack as soon as possible. Although you still have a fairly lenient 8-frame window to perform the link. So my guess is that you’re simply not familiar enough with the way the SF2 series feels, because the timing on basic things really is quite different from CvS2 or 3S. Just spend a little more time in Training Mode and you should be fine.

To repeat what Emil and fullmetalross said, you don’t have to charge during VC, so charging a Flash Kick after the bazooka knee shouldn’t be a problem. Your real problem is that VC activation resets charge, so if you’re holding D before you activate VC3, then your D charge will be taken away. What you have to do is activate VC3, keep the stick in neutral until superfreeze is over, and then tap D+LK, U+LK.

Comboing into supers in ST is intentionally difficult. They’re simply not meant to be used as combo enders during footsies the way they’re used in CvS2. That combo is not practical and you’re way better off comboing into Psycho Crusher so that you can save your meter for reversals.

But if you really want to know, the problem is that ST gives you something like 20 frames to cancel normal moves into special moves, but only 7 frames to cancel normal moves into supers. Unless you can do F, B, F+K in 7 frames, you have to incorporate the c.MK into the super move command. It looks something like this: charge DB, F, B, DB+MK, F+K

Frame data source:

By the way, if any of you get your question answered but you’re still having trouble doing the combo, don’t be afraid to post follow-up questions.

Well for one thing I have trouble doing combos into supers for ST.I know everything involves using cancels but I have trouble getting the rhythm down.From practicing the most I can get is comboing into charge supers(Boxer) while i have yet to combo into most fireball motion supers(Ryu):arazz:

i have a difficulty doing more than 2 reps of hearts loop in AH

also leona jump a into v slasher in 98